Leading Leicestershire-based pet accessory and dog training company Xtra Dog has become the official distributor for the Katie’s Bumpers range in the UK. Collarways were the previous distributors of the range.

Xtra Dog specialises in importing quality pet products from theUSAand the acquisition of the distribution rights to Katie’s Bumpers is testament to the company’s growing reputation as a major distributor of superior pet accessories to theUKmarket that put the wellbeing of dogs first.

Katie’s Bumpers are unique interactive dog toys made from recycled fire hose from the Colorado Fire Department. They are ideal as interactive dog and puppy toys, as well as dummies for gun dogs and use in Dock Dogs events. Champion Dock Dogs competitor Sarah Allen; owner of Elvis and Harry swear by Katie’s Bumpers and believe that they have contributed to their success in the 2013 season. Ann Newman the owner of Digger who is internationally ranked in the top 10 older dogs in the world also uses the range.

All Katie’s Bumper products are also designed to float and fly and these colourful products are all manufactured in the USA.

“We are delighted that Katie’s Bumpers are now being used at the top end of the Dock Dogs sport, as well as in the gun dog world and in genreal dog and puppy training” expains  Alex Wilson, a Tellington TTouch Practitioner in Training and Marketing Director of Xtra Dog,

“Katie’s Bumpers were designed with both humans and dogs in mind and as well as being cool and unique they are safe for everyone. All of the designs on the bumpers are molded into the non-toxic vinyl as part of the manufacturing process. It is not painted on and therefore will not come off in your dog’s  mouth. Whether you are a serious dog trainer doing land or water work, or you have a dog that loves to fetch, Katie’s Bumpers are great. They are easy for you and your dog to see in just about any setting or weather condition,. They have just the right amount of weight for a good toss and when they roll on the ground or on the water, everyone can find them. They have been tested in pools, the ocean, lakes and reservoirs and every dog has found their new patterned bumper. They are also easy to wash. You can throw them in the sink and use a little soap and water to get the day’s dirt off, or put them in the dishwasher.”

Prices for the toys range from £9.35 up to £19.20.


During the month of October, Xtra Dog will be offering retailers a 10% discount on orders of Katie’s Bumpers. Terms and Conditions apply.

For further information on Katie’s Bunpers or any other Xtra Dog products visit their website at www.xtradog.com or telephone: 0330 088 3547.