The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) recently chaired its first working party to identify ways in which the UK pet industry can provide aid for dogs and cats affected by the war in Ukraine and the PIF team were truly humbled by its results.

Working with charity partner, U-Hearts, the session was attended by representatives in Ukraine, USA, Germany, Austria and France in addition to UK businesses including Jollyes, Pets Corner, Pets Choice, Mackle Pet Foods, Parklife and Fish4Pets. All present were visibly moved and pledged their support to the Save Pets Of Ukraine initiative in the coming months.

PIF CEO, Nigel Baker, commented:
“With a pet population of 7.5 million cats and 5.1 million dogs in Ukraine before the war, there is a real need for support in terms of food, equipment and medical supplies for those pets that have been left behind when their owners have either sadly been killed or had to flee their homes. It was truly heartening to see the UK pet industry coming together during the session to pledge food and financial aid. This crisis is not going away so if any other businesses would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.”

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