Tayberry’s windproof fleece collection is ideal for the windy weather we’re experiencing at the moment…and it won’t break the bank either!

J510PLSML[] The collection includes four designs- Peak and Dale for ladies, and Marsh and Scarfel for men. All designs are made using a technical bonded fleece that is windproof, responds to the wearer’s temperature and wicks moisture away. They also feature faux moleskin detail to add an extra touch of luxury.

“This is the first season that we’ve included windproof fleeces in our collection, and we’re really pleased with them…as are our customers,” says Susan Foster, senior designer at Tayberry. “We’ve combined excellent fabrics that really deliver in the performance stakes with rich colours and detail to make the waistcoats and fleeces ideal for country pursuits and enjoying the great outdoors.”

W179OLSML[]For men, the Scarfel Windproof Fleece is available in dark grey and dark olive and has a RRP of £55 with the Marsh Windproof Gilet being available in dark olive with a RRP of £45. The ladies Dale Windproof Fleece is available in plum and dark olive and has a RRP of £55, with the Peak Windproof Gilet available in teal with a RRP of £45.

For more information, see www.tayberry.co.uk, call 01507 524816, or use the contact form online.