At WildWash, our natural grooming range is used by professionals all over the world with amazing
results. Our professional clients are very important to us and therefore we are very excited to report
that we have made our range more accessible by partnering with Redcape, who, in our opinion, are
the one of he most reputable Grooming Suppliers in the UK.

Redcape are distributors and suppliers of premium quality products for professional groomers,
handlers and show kennels and they have been involved in the Dog Show world for over 20 years.
We chose them to distribute WildWash as we think that their knowledge of products and attitude to
customer service is very similar to ours, and their standard of service, support and after sales
consideration is impeccable.

Redcape chose us because like our customers, they believe fully in our brand. We wanted to make
a natural and safe pet shampoo range that was kind to our pets, kind to us, and kind to our
environment. Our products work wonderfully and the benefits of using our range are endless. We
receive daily testimonials from customers all over the world thanking us for bringing this range to

WildWash also partners perfectly with Redcape’s Hydrobath Pro range as our products have no
sulphates which produces a low lather and is highly effective.

Our Customers will still be able to purchase our products through WildWash directly if they wish.
However, the convenience of ordering through Redcape will mean that they will be able to combine
their WildWash order with other grooming supplies bought from Redcape and therefore benefit
from lower delivery costs.

WildWash and Redcape are very much working as a team and any WildWash products bought
through Redcape will receive our full customer support too. Laura Butcher, our head of sales, will
join Redcape at their shows and fully support any sales through Redcape.
We are very excited about this partnership and we are looking forward to a great working future

Groomers are requested to contact Redcape directly to obtain groomers trade pricing.
Redcape Ltd 01423 861249