What can you do to help raise funds *POSE WITH A NOSE*?

  Just think how many animals would benefit if £1,000,000 million pounds could be raised to help sick animals in our Rescue Centres across the Country?

 Wetnose Animal Aid is holding a National Wetnose Day to raise funds which will be given to struggling Animal Rescue Centres around the UK to help pay off vets bills, buying equipment or animal feed which for many is so desperately needed. Many Centres have suffered a 40% drop in donations since the credit crisis over 3 years ago, but still the problems of strays, abused and neglected animals arise every day, especially with horses.

With over 47% of households owning a pet, our Rescue Centres are experiencing a noticeable increase in animals being ‘dumped’ on them, as owners continue for various reasons not to be able to keep their animals. That equation does not balance, and therefore this Wetnose Funday is an important event to help raise serious levels of funds to get the balance back and help Rescue Centres with the ever increase in sick animals being bought in for care, behavioral problems or treatment.

If funds are not available to help our animal Rescue Centres (who we believe are the forgotten people of the animal world) then many will have to close and more animals could not be re-homed and live out their lives after being given a second chance. We will invite schools to join in as we need more veterinary nurses, specialist vets and farriers as well as marine vets and animal experts in general. This is one way of helping to educate children by having fun and making them aware that animals are an important part of our daily lives, especially bee’s and our wildlife.

Wetnose Animal Aid for the past few years has had an annual *Wetnose Day* to help animals in care, similar to Children in Need but for strays/pets/wildlife instead of humans. So get your thinking caps on and start planning:

Tea and cake morning, plant stall, car boot stall, horse ride, bike ride, dog show, dog walk, washing cars, the choice is all yours, wear your nose with pride and take a picture and send to us.

As ex-kennels owners we know how stressful it is to care and rescue animals and work 24/7 with no holidays, and to be called out at a moment’s notice.

 This year we very much want to focus and help horse and pony Sanctuaries, as well as wildlife centres that are having a dreadful time at present. So buy your nose *Pose with a nose* and send us your pictures and help raise funds for animals………the one we’ve all been waiting for.

E: info@wetnoseday.org

jennyJenny Seagrove:

“I love the idea of Wetnose Day and so hope we can make it as big as Red Nose day. Some of the small sanctuaries out there are doing wonderful work against all odds and desperately need our support, love the idea of an annual Animal Awards Ceremony as well. Please help us help the animals, they can’t do it for themselves and SOOOO many need our help now”!


Wetnose138Rick Wakeman:

“Whilst animals care so much for us humans, it’s sad that some humans don’t care as much for animals in return, but for those of us that do care; we need to raise as much money as possible to help those animals who so desperately need our support. It’s a simple process.We raise money to relieve them from suffering and they in return give us happiness, love and fulfilment in our lives”.



Amanda Holden:

“I love the idea of a Wetnose Day for animals and do hope we can make it as big as red nose day for humans. Many of the smaller animal sanctuaries are full to busting and need our help with the wonderful work they do against all the odds. Please join me and support those without a voice, join Wetnose and let’s all make a real difference”.


So buy a Wetnose from our website www.wetnoseanimalaid.com UK only or from a pet shop near you and help us raise funds or do your own fund raising event. Take a look on facebook for details under Wetnose Fun Day or Twitter @WetnoseAnimal or email: info@wetnoseanimalaid.com for more details.

WETNOSE ANIMAL AID: was set up 14 years ago as a non-profit Ltd Company and trade mark 3124133 by Andrea & Gavin Gamby-Boulger who have also worked with horses and ran a Boarding/Dog Rescue Centre for 12 years in Norfolk, they sold the kennels to set up Wetnose to help other Rescue Centres needing help 13 years ago.

Wetnose is all about helping the lesser well known Centres and small groups that nobody gets to hear about. We want to promote and support the smaller Centres, as there is no government aid, or Lottery Grants or any other financial assistance, and many do not have enough funds to be a Registered Charity as this to can cost hundreds of pounds. Our aim is to raise funds to help the lesser known Centres who do wonderful work but never get the recognition they truly deserve. As ex-kennels owners we know how stressful it is to care and rescue animals and work 24/7 with no holidays, and to be called out at a moment’s notice.

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The Company of Animals: 

Way back in 1984 Dr Roger Mugford (now a world renowned animal psychologist) founded The Company of Animals as a vehicle to sell his inventions. The Company is based on a 100 acre working farm in Surrey (England) and is just minutes away from the M25 and M3 with strategic connections to Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

The site is also home to the Training and Behaviour Centre, which was founded by Roger in 1979. The Training and Behaviour Centre is now regarded as one of the best in the country; specialising in all levels of dog training, offering behaviour consultations on veterinary referral as well as resolving legal issues about pets, in and out of court. This gives The Company Of Animals the unique advantage of being able to constantly research and develop new products to help resolve pet-related behaviour and training problems, as well as having a great base in which to test new designs and principles of animal training.

The primary drive for our company has always been to develop products that help owners and their pets find an enriched life and to improve animal welfare.

The first and most famous product to be developed was the HALTI. Designed and developed by Roger, the HALTI was the first ever canine head collar and has gone on to be the world favourite. Today COA has suppliers, distributors and partners in over 30 different countries.

With special thanks to all our company supporters:


 Wetnose is a registered non-profit Co Ltd by Guarantee No. 3124133 – Trade Mark No. 2187093 – Charity Pending

Wetnose aims to raise funds from trading and fundraising to help animals. Wetnose will deduct running expenses and covenant all profits to animal centres or causes.