The new Bravura clipper from Wahl features lithium ion technology. The extended battery life offers an outstanding 1 hour and 45 minute run time from a 60 minute charge time. This and the cord/cordless operation provide you with the freedom to clip wherever you want, without restriction.

Weighing just 292g and measuring 18cm in length, the stylish design with rubberised grip is highly versatile and easy to use and transport.
This powerful unit features the popular ‘5 in1’ snap-on taper blade for variable cutting lengths, with no tensioning or alignment needed. Offers cutting lengths from 0.7-3.0mm and when used in conjunction with the Wahl snap-on metal combs the cutting length is extended to 25mm. Chrome plated, precision engineered German blades provide high performance clipping.
The intelligent, ‘torque control’ motor pushes additional power to the blades when resistance builds, enabling the

Bravura to clip through coats and conditions without disruption.
Quiet, and with minimal vibration, the powerful 2.4v DC motor with silencer is perfect for busy grooming salons.

Made for all coat types, professional groomers who want the best will demand the Bravura for all their clipping requirements.

Designed in Germany and manufactured in Wahl’s own factories in Europe, build quality and reliability is guaranteed.

Look out for the limited edition promotional launch kits which include the super quiet Bravmini, a compact, rechargeable trimmer which complements the Bravura and is perfect for the ears, face and heels.

Wahl’s Blade and Comb Organiser is a Groomer’s Best Friend

An easy and simple way to store and transport you valuable clipping accessories, the innovative design of this storage case means it can hold an assortment of up to 16 blades and combs. A snap-in locking mechanism ensures contents stay safe and the integrated rubberised handle facilitates easy movement.
The transparent finish of the blade and comb organiser allows you to easily identify the contents, whilst still protecting them from hair, dust and dirt. The storage case has two sides, both of which open offering greater accessibility.
A stylish and practical tool for storing combs and blades, this is a great addition to any groomer’s kit.