Veterinary Thermal Imaging’s (VTI) Hayley Springett has been invited to speak to the Wheaten Health Initiative’s (WHI) seminar in Milton Keynes on 12th May.

The initiative is a voluntary independent group dedicated to the health and well being of Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers. Each year, the WHI present and its influence on health, while the second part will be delivered by Hayley, who will explain thermal imaging and its applications. a seminar that, where possible has a health theme. In this, the group’s tenth year, the first part of the seminar will be devoted to genetic diversity

“We were looking for a second topic that would provide a contrast to Dr Lewis’ presentation but also introduce something new which many people may not have been aware of,” says Lynn Carter for WHI. “The selection of Thermal Imaging as a topic, came about initially through a conversation I had with one of my friends, who had worked in the horse-racing industry in Lambourn.  She was familiar with the technology but had also more recently had thermal-imaging on one of her whippets.  We decided to approach Hayley and are delighted that she agreed to be a speaker.”

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to speak at the WHI seminar; the benefits and applications of Veterinary Thermal Imaging are so broad that it really allows me to explain the tool fully,” says Hayley. “The WHI group are dedicated to canine health and welfare and will almost certainly appreciate how non-invasive, yet useful, this tool really is.”

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