bring-your-dogThe phrase ‘working like a dog’ is often associated with long-hours at the office, fuelled by several cups of hot coffee. But that phrase may adopt a new meaning this summer, as employee well-being takes centre stage in the UK’s first Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

Set to be held on Friday 27 June 2014, businesses from across the UK will welcome their dog-loving employees into the workplace, along with their loyal four-legged companions.

Both businesses and individuals can make online donations of £50 and £2 respectively to participate, with all proceeds being split between All Dogs Matter, Animals Asia and Pup Aid – three organisations that make a huge difference to the welfare of animals.

“Many scientific studies have shown that the presence of pets can substantially reduce a person’s stress level in the workplace and be beneficial to a person’s well being,” says Jo Amit, co-founder of natural grooming product company Butch & Bess, one of two pet industry businesses behind the initiative.

“But what really inspired Bring Your Dog To Work Day was my own experience of taking my labradoodle Laila into the office. She was such a calming influence whilst developing our first range of products. It even made me ask our building manager if I could bring her in on a regular basis, but he declined and sent Laila packing with her bed, treats and water bowl!

“So we thought an annual Bring Your Dog To Work Day would be an excellent way to highlight the role dogs can play in creating a productive work environment, while raising money for three organisations that champion the rights of animals. And if you already take your dog to work, even better!”

Businesses can participate in the day by becoming an official sponsor. In return for a minimum donation of £50, a company logo and website link will be displayed on Bring Your Dog to Work Day’s homepage.

Providing there is employer permission, individuals can also bring their dogs to work. For a minimum donation of £2, an individual can submit a picture of their dog to be published on the official website’s gallery entitled the ‘Dog With A Job Hall of Fame’, along with a description of the dog’s work duties for the day.

“We’re absolutely certain that Bring Your Dog To Work Day participants will create a new kind of Friday feeling in the company of man’s best friend,” explains Leean Young, director of healthy dog treat company LoveSniffys, who also helped organise the event.   bring-your-dog-two

“The amount of interest we’ve seen from businesses across the country has blown us away, so we’re really hopeful of raising some significant funds for the three animal organisations we’re working with.”

The animal organisations that stand to benefit from Bring Your Dog To Work Day were chosen because of their noticeable work for protecting and promoting the welfare of vulnerable animals.

For instance, All Dogs Matter rescues and re-homes more than 300 dogs a year in London, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. The dogs in they care for are usually homeless, or come from local dog pounds. A mixture of foster homes and kennel spaces are used to take care of the dogs.

International charity Animals Asia is devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming, as well as improving the welfare of dogs and cats in China and Vietnam.

Pup Aid is an organisation that aims to end the practice of puppy farming in the UK. Last year it launched an e-petition to help ban the sale of young puppies and kittens. Over 100,000 people provided signatures and the topic is guaranteed debate in parliament.

Please visit for further information on how to donate and participate.