Many of us consider our dogs to be part of the family; naturally we give them treats to show them we love and care for them and because it makes us feel good too. On the contrary however, we are not always showing our pets’ kindness as feeding them treats does not necessarily benefit their health, in fact, it can have quite the adverse effect!

Next time you buy dog treats take a look at the ingredients list. A high-quality, healthy treat will not contain artificial colours and additives, meat by-products or chemical preservatives, which are known to be harmful to pets. Unfortunately, these criteria tend to rule out the majority of commercial pet treats on the market today. They come in every shape, size and flavour imaginable and can have many undesirable effects on a dog’s health and wellbeing.

With the above in mind, and following their ethos of producing foods that deliver actual health benefits to dogs using natural active ingredients, the Vet’s Kitchen team of experts, led by TV and practicing vet, Joe Inglis, have been busy working on a new dog reward. The aim is to offer owners a healthy alternative to many of the unhealthier options on the market today, and the result is Pro-Treats.

Vet’s Kitchen Pro-Treats have been specifically formulated as an all-natural, healthy reward. They are made with up to 50% real British meat or fish and contain active ingredients such as probiotics for digestive health, glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and omega 3 & 6 plus zinc for healthy skin and coat. Furthermore, Pro-treats are hypoallergenic with no wheat, beef or soya and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservative.

Vet’s Kitchen’s MD, Joe Inglis, said:

“At my surgery, Vet’s Klinic, I see the impact that diet can have on pets every day and can’t stress enough how important a nutritionally balanced diet is to their long-term health and wellbeing. My team and I have used our veterinary knowledge to create a treat that is not only natural but specifically formulated to help digestive health, joint mobility, skin and coat condition, as well as tasting great. Unlike many commercial dog treats Pro-Treats can safely contribute part of a dog’s healthy balanced diet and make great tasting rewards!”

Pro-Treats are available in two delicious flavours- Finest Fish and Crunchy Chicken. They can be purchased from Pets at Home and good independent retailers, plus online at Ocado, Amazon and