In these tricky economic times a few tips on how to increase revenue in the  grooming salon are always welcome. Who better to offer advice than Alison Rogers, the just-crowned British Dog Groomer of the Year 2012? In this issue, Alison offers a bit of advice on pet pampering…

As a busy grooming salon, we are always looking at ways to increase income especially at this time of year. To stay current and to be a leader in the industry it is important that you keep up-to-date with the new ranges and products out in the market place, to help your grooming and to satisfy your clients’ needs. At my grooming salon we offer addon services – something that was also popular at Harrods pet spa where I was head stylist. These add-ons sell all year round but become a lot more popular in the summer time and during the festive season. So now is a great time to explain and demonstrate the health benefits that these spa treatments and add-on extras can have on pets. Optional extras Previously I included these treatments with my standard groom and although it wasn’t cost effective I did it to give the dogs the best possible treatment.

I now offer these treatments as spa treatments and explain to all my customers about the treatments available and the health benefits these treatments can have on their dogs. I often find that customers are happy to give their pets a spa treatment in addition to the standard groom. My spa treatment menu includes facials and pedicures just like the ones you might occasionally treat yourself to. First up is the Blueberry & Vanilla Facial which is a 15-minute treatment starting with a refreshing and hydrating facial scrub to cleanse soothe and balance. It has a natural and gentle exfoliating effect, helping with unsightly tear stains around the eyes and mouth.The treatment also includes a relaxing head massage and is charged to the customer at £5 per dog. Healthy inside and out Another option is our Fresh Breath Treatment. This also lasts for 15 minutes and is charged at
£8.50 per dog. For this we use our mouth brush and enzymes mouth gel which blends natural, holistic ingredients to kill germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. It is a gentle treatment and includes the first application; with guidance from a  qualified groomer on how to apply at
home. We sell fresh breath starter kits in-store for customers to use for regular home application. Our Pet Pedicure includes a vanilla and milk-thistle paw soak, nail trim between pads and paw trim and a gentle paw massage. The treatment helps to heal paws damaged by gravel, asphalt, snow, salt treated roads and hot pavements and the vitamin enriched  conditioners keep paws soft making them less likely to crack. It is soothing
and relaxing for dogs and costs £6 per dog. As mentioned, the festive season is a great time for selling spa treatments  and we offer a few festive-themed options. These include a Deluxe  Pedicure and a special Sparkle Treatment. The Deluxe Pet Pedicure  with Glamour is a 45-minute treatment costing £8. It includes all the benefits of the regular pedicure, but with an  added luxury of painted nails, our nail polish is safe for pets, quick drying and only requires one coat application. We even offer glitter or gems for that extra Christmassy look. The Sparkle Treatment takes just 15 minutes and is charged at only £3 but is perfect if your clients are taking their dogs somewhere special. A choice of shimmer spray colours (non permanent and safe for pets). You can also offer a maintenance health check. This way you can advise the customer what treatments would
help improve the dogs well-being.