Spring is in the air and the flowers from your bulbs are blooming but the warmer weather can also herald in an increase in the number of ticks and fleas that are around making the spring and summer months often an unpleasant time for pets.

For every one flea there could be hundreds more lurking around and as well as warm weather, they also love centrally-heated homes. Flea bites can be the most common cause of skin allergies with dogs and cats often leading to patches of fur loss and red skin caused through irritation.

It can be thoroughly unpleasant and very distressing for the animal. Fleas can also be a host for tapeworms and these can be potentially life threatening for pets particularly for young cats as anaemia can be one side effect of an heavy infestation so if you own both cats and dogs, it is important that they receive preventative treatment.

As cats and dogs spend more time outdoors in the warmer months they can also bring in other unwelcome guests such as ticks. These little blood-sucking creatures are closely related to spiders and like fleas can multiply and an alarming rate and can also spread many diseases some of which can be deadly.

When choosing a treatment it is important to choose something which is formulated especially for cats and especially for dogs. Ingredients used in formulas do not sometimes suit both animals and can be harmful if used incorrectly so it is important to check with your vet first before use.

One company to come up with a natural formula for treating ticks and fleas in both cats and dogs is Petzlife. Tickz is an herbal pet tick and flea treatment which does not contain any chemical insecticides and is safe for dogs of all ages and cats. It is particularly ideal for pets or owners who are allergic to chemical sprays. You simply sprinkle on the animal’s moist food twice a day for 5 days and you can protect your pet for up to 2-3 months.  It takes effect in as little as 5-10 days and dosage can be repeated if needed. The product comes in convenient 113 g  (4oz) sized plastic containers.

This special formula contains active herbal ingredients such as Larrea mexicana, Syzigium (Chapparel Leaf) Aromatica, Berberis aquifolium (Oregon Grape Root) Quassia amara, Picrasma (Quassia) Excels Tanacetum vulgare (Tansy) Urtica capitata and Thymus (Thyme) Vulgarus which have been safely used over many years for the treatment of parasites.

So if you want to keep your home, yourself and your dog free from pesky parasites this spring and summer, give TickZ a go.

For further information on this product visit: www.petzlife.co.uk or telephone 0208 424 2701 or 0794 975 4791 .