Once again at the forefront of product innovation, HOWND, the multi-award winning pet care brand has launched a ground-breaking antimicrobial dog bowl.

 Guaranteed to resist the growth of over 99% of MRSA and E.Coli bacteria, the innovative Hero Bowl’s built-in proven smart silver ion technology gives unparalleled 24-hour antimicrobial protection for dog food and water bowls and is set to be the most hygienic dog bowl on the market.

 The HERO BOWL is the ideal solution for health-conscious pet owners, vet surgeries, kennels, grooming salons and anywhere cross contamination might occur. It is scientifically proven to also prevent the growth of over 99% of microbes, including bacteria, mould and fungi. It is made from recyclable polypropylene.

There’s some clever science behind the design of this bowl. HOWND has partnered with BioCote® – a world leader in antimicrobial technology – to create a pet food and water bowl that will give antimicrobial protection guaranteed for 25 years even if scratched or chewed.  The BioCote silver ion protection will last for the lifetime of the bowl as it is embedded into the product, so it cannot wash off or wear away.

 Studies have shown that 67% of dog bowls coming out of the dishwasher still have Salmonella present on their surfaces*. A superior alternative to a stainless steel, ceramic and other unprotected surfaces, the HERO Bowl has 24-hour protection since the technology works constantly to reduce microbes by up to 99.99% on the protected surface.

Although all pet bowls should be cleaned regularly, including the HERO Bowl, the effects of cleaning are short lived and once they have worn off, an unprotected bowl is subject to recontamination, leaving bacteria to thrive unchecked until the next clean.

With an ergonomic design for easy feeding, the bowl has a non-slip base, is dishwasher safe and available in 2 sizes in a range of on-trend colours: Urban Grey, Raspberry Rose, Lavender Blush, Ocean Blue and Spring Green.

Small Bowl 18cm, RRP 17.95. Trade £8.75 + VAT. Large Bowl 23cm, RRP £21.95 Trade £10.50+ VAT.

With distinctive branded packaging and informative visuals, the HERO BOWL has great shelf appeal and will be available to order from Pedigree Wholesale and at PATS Sandown from HOWND stand S10, Esher Hall.

 Spend over £250 across all HOWND ranges at PATS Sandown to receive a 15% show discount.