As our cats mature, in simplistic terms, what we really see is the accumulation of wear and tear on their bodies that occurs progressively with the passage of time.   However, not all signs of ageing are visible on the outside and very often, the more serious conditions we sometimes see that are linked to ageing, (for example, certain kidney problems), are invisible to human eyes.

So, what can be done to support these invisible changes going on inside cats?

Your cat’s joints, heart and kidneys, for example, are all ageing and increasing the risk of mobility issues, cardiac concerns and renal problems in your cat. Natural defences can become fragile as well.  These are very often changes that we cannot see, particularly when in their early stages and when the associated clinical symptoms within your companion may actually be very small, if anything at all.  Whilst we cannot stop or reverse these age-related changes, the correct nutrition, an age- and mobility-tailored exercise programme and veterinary care as appropriate and as recommended by your cat’s vet, can really help to support their health in these areas.  It is important to start this support before the signs of ageing become really visible in order for your cat to gain the most benefit from it.

Feline nutritional needs alter in response to the changes seen in maturity – so if you can ensure your older cat is on a diet appropriate to their age as well as their size or lifestyle – that is a brilliant place to start.  ROYAL CANIN®’s Health Nutrition ranges account for the changing nutritional needs of ageing cats.  These diets for ageing cats contain nutrients to help support vitality (such as specific antioxidant complexes), as well as a slightly lower phosphorous content than the adult diets to help support kidney health.  Other key nutrients are added to support cardiac function with age.

Ask your vet or local pet food retailer about the most age-appropriate diet for your cat from the age of 7 years.

For more information on the ROYAL CANIN®  diets visit or call our helpline on 0845 300 5011.