With the firework season starting you may already be considering your dogs reaction to the noise. Many dog owners are only too aware that their dog does not cope with the noise at all and for others this may be the first firework season with your dog. The Happy Hoodie is a simple aid to help your dog cope with loud noises both from fireworks and from other noisy situations, such as forced air dryers when being groomed.

The Happy Hoodie is a terry towelling hood that fits snugly over your dogs ears, greatly reducing the noise they will experience, in a similar way to ear defenders that we would use when working with noisy equipment. The hood is comfortable for the dog to wear and fits snugly. They are sold in a pack of 2 sizes to ensure a good, fit as well as coming is three different colours (White, Black and Pink).

Customer feedback has been very positive, with one of the main themes being of scepticism over the simplicity of the product, turning to surprise over just how effective it is.

Happy Hoodies are available from Technogroom Ltd, a well established supplier of equipment to the dog grooming industry as well as breeders, show exhibitors and pet owners.  Technogroom’s range of products and equipment can be viewed at www.technogroom.co.uk and can be called on 01555771555.