Leading dog health and wellbeing company, The Dog Doctors has launched two new products designed to support dog’s paws, skin and coat during the winter months. Using their experience from within the pet industry and investing in high quality natural ingredients which are 100% cruelty free, veterinary grade and BRC Certified, they have developed a new Paw Butter and Coconut Wash Dry Shampoo for dogs.

During the winter months it is vitally important to look after your dog’s paws. This can be done by wiping and drying the paws and keeping the fur short between the pads to avoid salt getting in there during icy and snowy conditions. The Dog Doctors Paw Balm will moisturise your pets paws and help avoid cracked and painful skin conditions that can occur during these times. The Dog Doctor’s natural Paw Balm is infused with nourishing sweet almond oil, olive wax and Lavender essential oils. The balm is designed to absorb quickly to leave dry areas feeling smooth and moisturised. Use post walks for maximum happiness!  RRP £13.99

The new Coconut Wash Dry Shampoo is a hassle free way of keeping a coat clean during the winter months. It is a fantastic alternative for those in a rush and needing a quick freshen up for their dogs without the hassle of the bath or bucket! It is perfect for all breeds, sizes and coat conditions. It cleans, conditions and detangles. It also repairs, strengthens and enhances shine and is puppy and sensitive skin friendly. It is Paraben and SLS free, contains no alcohol, is100% natural, cruelty-free and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. RRP £9.99

For further information on any of The Dog Doctor’s range visit: www.thedogdoctors.co.uk for trade enquiries Email:daniel@thedogdoctors.co.uk