The countdown is on for the launch of the new award winning range of products from Natures Menu. The range to be known as Country Hunter range of products will be available to order from December 2nd. Natures Menu has had a fantastic year winning both Supplier and Manufacturer of the year at different Industry events, alongside the awards for product of the year for the whole range of their new Country Hunter products.
The range of products include: 4 new frozen ready-made Complete and Balanced Raw Nugget meals, labelled as superfood nuggets for dogs. Available in Rabbit with Cranberry, Venison with Blueberries, Salmon with Raspberry and Duck with Plum. 3 of the new nugget meals (the rabbit, venison and duck) are also Grain free and Chicken free, making them fantastic for dogs with intolerance or allergies. 4 new complete and balanced dog cans made with the same delicious British meats.

The range also includes innovative new Freeze Dried Raw Treats, a fantastic new way of creating highly palatable treats for pets without compromising on nutrition. 3 dog treats in Rabbit with Cranberry, Venison with Blueberries and Duck with Plum and 2 cat treats in only the Rabbit with Cranberry and Duck with Plum.

And finally 3 new Complete and Balanced crunchy nugget meals complete the range. These include Freeze Dried Raw Meat nuggets mixed with nuggets of gently baked oats and vegetables.

The innovative new way feeding and storing a raw diet for dogs! This unique product will also be created using the Country Hunter varieties of Rabbit with Cranberry, Venison with Blueberries and Duck with Plum.
We are sure amongst all the new range there will be a delicious dinner for your pet, they may even help with allergies or intolerances too.

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