Simon Brooks, Business Development Manager at Techtron, gives us a rundown of the importance of working with good shampoo brands within your business, as well as focusing on natural options.

There are a few things that should hold a great importance when you’re operating your grooming business. From the interior, to types of electronics used, there is a lot to think about. Something with a surprisingly large impact is the type of shampoo that you use within your salon.

Techtron is a contract manufacturer of liquid pet grooming and care products, manufacturing award-winning products for some of the leading brands in the sector. With over 30 years’ experience, Techtron knows a thing or two about product development.

With this in mind, we knew that Techtron would be a fantastic company to discuss the importance of shampoo within a grooming salon. Simon Brooks, Business Development Manager at Techtron, tells us a little about the business: “We manufacture white label pet grooming products, including a range of high-quality, natural shampoos. In the simplest of forms, we have a fantastic range of grooming products that you can put your logo on and sell to your customers.”

Brands like Techtron are there to provide you, the pet groomer, with benefits to apply to your business. Simon explains what this could entail: “With natural, ‘off the shelf’ products available, groomers can easily brand our products as their own, offering their customers high-demand options.

“The usual route for groomers to release their own products would involve initial start-up costs for product development coupled with high minimum order quantities. At Techtron, we have removed this barrier by offering a range of products that have already been developed and tested. This allows us to offer our service with no set up costs and realistic minimum order quantities. Working with us also lets you to tap into our technical expertise. If you’re looking to release a product that isn’t in our range, we are open to working on developing new products with you.”

This, combined with a little creativity from yourself as a groomer, can hold amazing benefits for your business – from presenting your own brand on social media, to being able to retail a more personalised experience to your clients.

The next step is research. What do you want your brand to stand for? Companies like Techtron, believe that a more natural take on branding can benefit your business.

We have seen the demand for products that are based on natural surfactants increase over the past few years and have taken this into consideration when developing our ‘off the shelf’ range,” Simon adds, “Our products are SLES/SLS free. No parabens, no phosphates, not tested on animals and no animal-derived ingredients, meeting the increased demand for natural ingredients-based products.”

A brand that works closely with their raw material suppliers ensures that the best ingredients are used for your furry clients. This can keep customers happy and will leave them wanting to visit you again.

Not only does focusing on natural shampoos hold a high standard of grooming for pets, it also leaves you feeling a lot more environmentally responsible than what you’d find with alternatives. This, combined with an amazing outcome that you wouldn’t be able to achieve by using less eco-friendly brands, makes the decision painfully obvious for pet groomers.

Simon elaborates a little more on his eco-friendly thoughts: “We enjoy the environmental and health factors, as well as offering our customers a wider audience reach through on-pack claims and producing a product that is both current and marketable.

“We have found that consumers, especially the younger generation, are more informed about the benefits of moving to natural-based pet products. You can see within the human hair care and cosmetic industry that there are now so many major brands focusing on natural ingredients within their products. This has set a benchmark for pet parents to make similar purchasing decisions for their furry companions.”

It can seem like a difficult task to ensure that your business is moving towards a healthier position for both your clients and the environment, but any small step in the right direction is a good place to start in our opinion! Even starting as small as an own-branded, environmentally friendly bottle of shampoo, your clients will love that you care and your marketability will certainly grow.

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