Over the past 30 years experience, our natural dog product range and expertise has consistently expanded to meet our customers increased expectations. We add new ingredients where appropriate, design eye-catching packaging, and ensure our dog food range works for stockists, customers and our waggy-tailed companions. ’Pero’s all-natural recipes give the best complete meals for your dog,’ says Jonathan Rees, Director, Pero Pet Foods. ‘Our range reflects leading pet food nutrition research, and we refuse to compromise on quality. New customers are delighted to find a broad range of expertly created dog foods, and we consistently exceed the expectations of our loyal customers. We work with experts in dog food nutrition to source quality natural ingredients. All ingredients are traceable, all meat is sourced from the UK, and the final manufacturing process is based in the UK. ’Like for like, our products are rated better than those of our nearest competitors*,’ adds Jonathan. ‘When you buy Pero, you are guaranteed the highest-quality dog food at a great price. We create dog food to keep your dog healthy and active from puppy fun to old-age Pero seniors.’
The core range of eight super premium dog foods is packed with natural ingredients:
• Pero High Meat, Super Start, Premium Puppy (now with 40% meat plus Chamomile, Nettle and Parsley to aid digestibility for tiny tums)
• Pero High Meat Gluten-Free Chicken & Rice (now with Krill for healthy shiny coats)
• Pero High Meat Gluten-Free Lamb & Rice (now with 40% Welsh Lamb)
• Pero High Meat Gluten-Free Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chicken (ideal for SBT and Bulldog breeds)
• Pero High Meat Grain-Free Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry (with 40% meat)
• Pero Super-Sensitive Grain-Free Ocean Fish & Tapioca (ideal for dogs with super sensitive stomachs)
• Pero Gold Fussy Eater Complete Meat with Pasta (Light & mature, excellent palatability for fussy dogs)
• Pero Low Calorie Gluten-Free Salmon & Brown Rice (15% Less fat than similar products on the market)
The eight new packs are black and grey, with silhouettes of running dogs. Each product in the range has its own feature colour, to help identify the type of food it contains.
Pero’s new website makes it easy to find your nearest stockist. Our interactive map will point our customers to their nearest Pero stockist.
Please contact us if you would like more information on our new products.

*As judged by an independent dog food comparison website, July 2016.