Tiffiny Leenderts is a dog groomer and the owner of Brite Barks. Starting grooming in 2012, Tiff shares her story and tell us a little about her newly appointed role of being a Hydra Reference Groomer.

Tiff tells us her story: “I started my grooming career in 2012, straight after leaving school. I did an intense 10-week grooming course, and set up my grooming business when I was 16 from a shed in my mum and dad’s garden.

“I worked in there for five years and, in 2018, I signed a lease on a shop with my sister who is a hairdresser. We then had a lot of work done on the shop to make it two separate shops but under one roof. So, we have a hair salon at the front and dog groomers at the other end, all completely separate but you can have your hair done and your dog groomed at the same time!

“I started dog grooming competitions in 2014 and ever since, have been addicted! I have competed with many breeds such as labradoodles, Lhasa, Mini Schnauzers, Mini and Standard Poodles! I placed many times getting to champion level in handstrip terrier, mini and toy poodle and crossbreed class.

“Becoming a Hydra groomer has had huge benefits for myself and my business, it has given me a huge boost and has really helped get my name out there in this industry. I have met so many people from all over the world who have now become my friends, since being a Hydra reference groomer, I have done many seminars, demos and 1-1s demonstrating Miniature schnauzer grooming, which is a huge passion of mine.

“For dog groomers all over the country and educating groomers about the importance of good quality products (Hydra) how they will benefit from using them and help with their everyday grooming, to being able to do seminars has always been a dream of mine.

“So, I am extremely grateful to Hydra for making this dream become a reality. I have also learnt a lot since being on this journey, You never stop learning in this industry!

Since becoming a Hydra Reference Groomer, it has also taken me to some great places! I was lucky enough to go to Zoomark in Bologna, Italy, one of the largest pet care and pet food exhibitions.

“It was a great experience and I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Hydra (Pet Society) Marly and Luciano. Whilst we were there, Marly and her team promoted me to Hydra Reference Groomer, which was an amazing experience. Something I’ll treasure forever.

“I then went to Groomania in Belgium this year which was my first time competing abroad! I had the chance to work on the Transgroom stand with Hydra on the Sunday, another amazing experience meeting more groomers from all over the world. I was also lucky enough to meet and work alongside William Galharde, an incredible dog groomer and beautiful person. We have more exciting trips planned for the future, which I am super excited about. Watch this space!

“I say it all the time, but it really is an honour to work with Hydra. My career has gone from strength to strength since being on this journey and I have met some incredible people in this industry, I will forever be grateful to them and Redcape for making my dreams become a reality.” Finished Tiff.

Jeremy Stamper, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hydra, commented the following: “We are very excited to have Tiffiny join our global team as a Hydra Reference Groomer. We created the Hydra Reference Groomer program as a way to uplift and celebrate industry professionals that we feel embody a point of reference for technical skill, professionalism and passion for growth and innovation in the pet grooming industry.

“Tiffiny is a wonderful example of all of these characteristics, and we are so happy to have her as a part of our global team.”

Simon Cheung, one of the directors of Redcape, shares his thoughts on Hydra Reference groomers: “Since introducing Hydra to the UK some five years ago, we have established Hydra as an outstanding quality product at a very reasonable price.

“When searching for our Hydra Reference groomer, we felt it was important to maintain the core values and culture of Hydra to be part of the Hydra family, we felt Tiffiny ticked all the boxes and she very quickly advanced from Hydra Groomer to the elite Hydra Reference groomer position, we are proud she is now part of the Hydra International team of exceptional groomers who share their knowledge with each other to support other groomers.”

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