Premier Groom 2013

The UK’s favourite grooming event took place at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park on Sunday. With more entries than last year (and that was a record) organisers Groom Team England and grooming supplier, Redcape, once again put on a fabulous day for everyone.

The competitions during the day consisted of Handstrip, Pure Breed Scissor, Poodle, Spaniel & Setter and Workshop classes at Beginner, Open and Champion building to the climax of Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show won by Mike Wildman and Lesley Harpham respectively. There were also Groom Team England Special Award, Best Transformation Award, Best Preparation by a Beginner, Spectators Special Award and a Debutante class for the first time. All in all more than 100 dogs were brushed, scissored, clipped and handstripped to within an inch of their life to produce some stunning finished results. And from the photos taken on the day, some dogs were obviously enjoying the limelight more than others!

Full results below:

Winners Premier Groom 2013

Hand Strip Beginner (sponsored by Pet Industry Federation)

1st place  – Maria Tawse –  Border Terrier

2nd place  –  Steph Kelly  –  BorderTerrier

3rd place  –  Cara Tucker  – Border Terrier

Hand Strip Open (sponsored by Mikki)

1st place  – Cynthia Rodrigues-Ponce  –  Scottish Terrier

2nd place  –  Jessica Walker  –  West Highland White Terrier

3rd place  –  Angela Flowers  – Welsh Terrier

Hand Strip Champion (sponsored by Red Cape)

1st place  – Lesley Harpham   –  Norfolk Terrier

2nd place  –  Ann Marie Burns  –  West Highland White Terrier

3rd place  –  Klaudia Szonyi – LakelandTerrier

 Judges: Mirjam van den Bosch, Romana Kania and Paula Hull

Purebreed Scissor Beginner (sponsored by Canine Design)

1st place  – Imogen Heaton  Pomeranian

Pure Breed Scissor  Open (sponsored by The ProGroomer)

1st place  – Denise Westbrook –  Kerry Blue

2nd place  –  Richard Smith  – Bichon Frise

3rd place  –  Charlie Crowley –  Bichon Frise

Pure Breed Scissor  Champion (sponsored by Wild Wash)

1st place  – Laura Campanella  –  Bichon Frise

2nd Place – Sharon Smith – Bichon Frise

3rd Place – Eve Somers – Kerry Blue

Judges:  Mirjam van den Bosch, Romana Kania and Alison Rogers

Best Beginner (sponsored by  Look North Grooming & Training )  –  Maria Tawse  –  Border Terrier

Best Debutante (sponsored by Groomers)  –  Lorraine Gavin  –  Yorkie Cross

Reserve Debutante ( sponsored by Groomers)  –  Lisa Langley –  Border Terrier

Judges: Diana North and Linda Barker

Spaniel and Setter Open (sponsored by Kenchii Shears)

1st place  – Sheila MacKenzie  –  Cocker Spaniel

2nd place  –  Aleksandra Bekker  –  Cocker Spaniel

3rd place  –  Claire Barclay –  Cocker Spaniel


Spaniel and Setter Champion (sponsored by Grooming Vans 2 Go)

1st place  – Mike Wildman  –  Cocker Spaniel

2nd place – Debbie Aylmer – Cocker Spaniel

 Judges: Mirjam van den Bosch, Romana Kania and Alison rogers

Poodle Beginner (sponsored by Furst Class Lounge)

1st place  – Brenda Furlong  –  Miniature

2nd place  –  Cara Tucker  –  Miniature

Poodle  Open (sponsored by Hydrogroom)

1st place  – Tanya Stevens  –  Standard

2nd place  –  Julia Sue Pace  –  Toy

3rd place  –  Becky Ross  –  Miniature

Poodle  Champion (sponsored by Pet Spa at Harrods)

1st place  – Su Eld-Weaver  –  Standard

2nd place  –  Chrisse Warwick  –  Miniature

3rd place  –  Nike Elbertssen  –  Standard

Judges: Mirjam van den Bosch, Romana Kania and Linda Barker


Workshop Beginner (sponsored by Pets at Home)

1st place  – Kristin Raag  –  Lakeland Terrier

2nd place  –  Marie Chong  –  Lhasa Apso

3rd place  –  Victoria Jones  –  Maltese


Workshop  Open (sponsored by Simpsons)

1st place  – Sophie Evans  –  Airedale

2nd place  –  Donna McGarry  –  Lhasa Apso

3rd place  –  Verity Watts  –  Tibetan Terrier


Workshop  Champion  (sponsored by Ravenstein

1st place  – Laura Campanella  –  Lhasa Apso

2nd Place  –  Steven Gorman  –  Cross Breed

3rd Place  –  Joanne Beddoe  –  Cross Breed

 Judges: Diana North and Paula Hull

Groom Team England Special Award  –  Cara Tucker, Kristy Worsell and Sarah Tulloch

Best Transformation  –  Joanne Beddoe

Spectators Special Award  –  Mike Wildman

Best Preparation by a Beginner – Brenda Furlong

Best in Show (sponsored by Aesculap)  –  Mike Wildman  –  English Cocker Spaniel








Reserve Best in Show (sponsored by Double K)  –   Lesley Harpham  –  Norfolk Terrier








Best in Show judged by: Mirjam van den Bosch, Romana Kania, Alison Rogers, Linda Barker and Paula Hull