The UK government is to debate and vote on the implementation of the new legislation requiring all dogs to be microchipped and registration on 22nd January.

This opportunity to supply microchips to some of the 2 million dogs yet to be chipped in the UK plus the expansion of its products to the rest of the world makes investment sense, especially using the latest crowd funding method.


Every year more than 100,000 dogs are dumped at a cost of £57m to the taxpayer and animal welfare charities, government figures suggest. In an attempt to curb the problem, the government intends to introduce compulsory dog microchipping in England this year. First used in 1989, microchipping is the “most influential” way that dogs are returned to their owners.

In response to this Micro-id offer a unique microchip service with a unique collar tag which can be read by a mobile phone enabling a lost dog location to be sent to the owner within seconds.

Micro-ID is a global supplier of RFID microchips for animals, pets in particular, along with scanners and linked products and services to veterinarians, animal welfare professionals, zoos, wildlife professionals and consumers worldwide. International legislation is expanding the market as many countries take steps to get pet populations, particularly dogs, under closer regulation. Over the last year we have secured distributors and new sales in Scandinavia, Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Belarus, Switzerland, Moldova and Portugal with a recent award of a licence to sell microchips in Italy from the Italian Government.

These partnerships are supplemented by a dedicated UK based telesales team, trade exhibitions, ecommerce sales initiatives including a successful multilingual webshop, and trade advertising. Joint ventures in the pet sector are being negotiated and new product development including scanners, pet insurance and security products for high value personal assets such as antiques, bicycles, golf bags, saddles are also under development with patent and licensing opportunities going forward.