Pawer Water, the leading force in canine wellness hydration supplements, proudly introduces its new 12-stick Pouch, designed for a monthly regimen, along with its 5-stick Introduction Pouch.

 “At Pawer Water, we advocate a well-rounded wellness routine, emphasizing the importance of balance by alternating between clear water and Pawer Water. Active ingredients need their space to deliver optimal benefits to our furry friends,” affirms Tanya Malcom, Pawer Water’s lead nutritionist. “Our formula empowers dog parents to provide a regular wellness boost, two to three times a week, or even daily for rapid rehydration.”

 The Pawer Water 12-stick Pouch is tailor-made for online marketplaces and pet retailers, strategically designed to offer dog owners a monthly regimen, ensuring recurring customers. This format prioritizes needs, convenience, and affordability, giving retailers an irresistible proposition: 12 sticks for the price of 10, a win-win for pet parents!

“Listening carefully to our retailers and partners’ feedback after our soft launch, we’ve decided to introduce two pouches to meet their diverse needs. One provides a full month of advanced wellness hydration for pet owners, securing swift returns for our retailers, and an exclusive Introduction 5-stick Pouch for online marketplaces, offering an accessible entry point,” discloses Nathalie Ohana, Founder of Pawer Water.

Pawer Water formula is carefully crafted with a blend of pawerful human-grade ingredients _ electrolytes, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants. This thoughtful two-in-one combination supports canine hydration and overall wellness requirements, making it a game-changer in the pet supplement market.

Yet, what truly sets Pawer Water apart is not just its premium formula but also its exquisite design and considerate recyclable packaging. Celebrated for its ‘Tiffany meets Fortnum and Mason blue,’ Pawer Water is the new must-have accessory, whether on a leisurely park stroll or tucked away in a travel bag.

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About Pawer Water: Pawer Water is a pioneering name in the pet wellness industry, dedicated to delivering top-notch hydration and wellness solutions for dogs. With an unwavering commitment to pet well-being, Pawer Water is redefining the standards of canine hydration.

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Nathalie Ohana, founder & CEO,

RRP: £2.50/unit / £22.50 Pawer Water 12-stick Pouch / £9.99 Pawer Water 5-stick Introduction Pouch