Groomer Amy English of Just 4 Paws has been running her own grooming business for 14 years. Now she has decided to concentrate on teaching others everything she has learned. She talks to us about her latest venture…

How did you start in dog grooming?

I have always loved animals and dogs in particular so always wanted a career which involved them. After completing an animal care course, due to the grooming course being full, I finally started training aged 17 at Writtle College. I am lucky that my hobby of
exhibiting top show dogs has taken me all over the world and given me the opportunity to train with top breed exhibitors and enthusiasts, who are the best in there field. I have not been trained by any one place or person but collectively, giving a great view into different approaches to grooming.

Why have you started your own grooming school?

I have been training students for a number of years but we have now decided to make teaching the primary focus here at Just 4 Paws. I enjoy tutoring students and seeing them progress and gain new skills. It is important that people who want to seek a career in the industry have formal training from professionals with experience in the field. It is sadly all too common for people to buy a set of clippers and go, so to speak, thinking it is easy money! But grooming is hard work and requires good skills with various equipment and a real eye for shape and style. Grooming is a form of art in my opinion.

What will set your grooming school apart?

We are able to give students not only a full insight into trimming pet dogs in various styles but also into correct breed standard trimming for the show ring and how show dogs are maintained. The detail involved in show grooming is very precise and also helps students to understand about trimming dogs to their advantage. We show four different breeds, all of which are on
either the curriculum for the City & Guilds Level 3 diploma in professional grooming or the higher diploma, so students wanting to advance on to higher qualifications will have a great foundation to do so.

What training will be offered?

We offer a range of courses from a one-day course for owners to learn to groom their own dog to the City and Guilds Level 3 certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming. There are also five and 24-day courses and one-day masterclasses. Our courses can
be tailored to an individual’s needs and requirements.

What makes someone a good groomer?

A good groomer must be able to stay calm and relaxed! Pet dogs can be very testing at times. You need to understand each client and there owner’s requirements! You need to have the correct knowledge to deal with situations, such as matting and corrective styling due to a home hair do or a previous bad trim. And on top of this you must have a great understanding and rapport with dogs, make them enjoy their time in the salon. All of this comes from formal training which gives you the base to gain the experience you need to become great.

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