Nutriment was founded in June 2013 by Suzanne Brock who is a well known face in the raw pet food industry.  Building on the considerable experience of herself and her staff, the company produces what it believes to be the best quality raw dog and cat food in the UK market to date.  Promoted as “Enhanced Raw Feeding”, their products contain not only the highest quality human grade meat, bones, fruit and vegetables, but also known super foods such as spirulina, kelp, organic coconut oil and kale.  These help provide essential proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum health in your pet.

Despite being a very new company, Nutriment’s Facebook page ( has already received nearly a staggering 1000 likes in a very short time, and is extremely proud to be the first raw dog food to be awarded 5 stars out of 5 by

All of Nutriment’s Formula foods are complete, meaning that customers can have confidence that their cat or dog is receiving everything they need without having to worry about supplements.  However, in addition to the complete foods, the company has also launched its “Just” range, which is designed to be of benefit to those who like to make up their own raw food recipes.  This range includes just ground meat and bones, just vegetables, or just offal – and can be used to supplement the complete foods if necessary (for example to add weight to a dog) or as a base for home-made raw foods.

The company presently sells direct to market via its website (, as well as operating a friendly factory shop attached to its premises in Camberley.  However, the company will shortly be launching in to the wholesale market, and the demand from retailers for Nutriment’s products has already been remarkable.  Branded freezers will shortly be appearing in pet stores around the UK in the very near future.

Nutriment only uses recyclable packaging, and as a result of listening to customer feedback has introduced an extremely popular 1.4kg sized chubb, which uses less packaging than ever before thereby considerably reducing the amount of packaging waste, and the amount of material which requires recycling.

Finally, the company is extremely proud to be the official sponsor of Haatchi (, the amazing tri-pawed Anatolian Shepherd who won the hearts of the nation with his owner Owen following winning Crufts Friends for Life 2013 and also Jonesey the O2 “Be More Dog” cat who recently reached two and a half million likes on YouTube!

The Nutriment team celebrating Haatchi’s 2nd birthday at their opening last month.