Our new meaty bones and chews range are a fabulous natural, healthy alternative to smoked or cooked treats and bones. They also an important part of a raw diet and can be fed to dogs as part of their daily feeding guide.
Chewing also has great calming effects. Our new range of meaty bones and chewing meats are carefully selected for both their nutrition content and their value as enjoyable recreational treats. They are provided in smaller packs, to ensure that a variety of products can be given simply and effortlessly.
Raw meaty bones are natures toothbrush and provide the ‘crunch factor’ dogs need to improve their mouth and tooth health in a more natural way than a starch based biscuit meal or treat.

They are also a wonderful way to provide dogs with good quality bone building nutrition in the correct levels as well as other wonderful nutrients such as the essential fatty acids, enzymes and even vitamin k2 which helps your pets large intestine to function optimally, bone to form and blood to clot properly!
More information on each of the meaty bones and chew products can be found on the products pages of our new website.

The new range is available in: * Beef Ribs
* Beef Knuckle Bone
* Marrow Bone
* Paddywacks
* Beef Meaty Chew
* Duck Wings
* Duck Necks
* Chicken Portions with whole bone
* Beef Heart
* Lamb Heart
* Beef Trachea
* Turkey Necks
* Beef Liver

More than just Calcium!
Do you know the nutrients found in meaty bones?
Here is a list of some of the known, but almost always forgotten, valuable nutrients found in raw meaty bones!
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Boron Vitamin K, Vitamins A,D,E, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino acids, Valuable enzymes

The Meaty Bones and Chews range are ready to be ordered, and will be appearing in all good pet shops very soon!

We have more information on these our new website www.naturesmenu.co.uk, or you can simply call us for a chat free on 0800 018 3770.
Be sure to add some to your next order and let us know what your dogs think of them!