2013 is a year of transformation for Natures Menu pet foods. They have a brand new website launching in early March packed full of information on raw feeding and have now announced that for the first time they will be holding a stand at Crufts. They look forward to meeting customers and really beginning to spread the word about the exciting changes and developments within the company.
As well as producing the fantastic quality single protein minces they are renowned for they will be showcasing their new complete and balanced range of raw meals. The meals have been created to make raw feeding as convenient to feed and easy to serve as possible, as well as fantastic value. Dispelling the myths that raw feeding has to be difficult, expensive and time consuming; with Natures Menu products you can now feed a safe, simple genuinely natural diet, effortlessly.
With over 30 years experience in making raw pet foods, they really are professional raw feeding experts. In order to ensure as many pets as possible can benefit from the nutrition of a raw diet they have set up a raw research team, which is working hard to highlight the benefits of raw feeding in a professional scientific manner. Natures Menu believe the team is a giant leap forward towards raw feeding being truly understood and able stand up alongside existing retail friendly, commercial pet foods.
With the growing acknowledgment of diet, nutrition and the foods we are eating ourselves it is pleasing to see pet food companies also now highlighting the benefits of species appropriate diets for our beloved pets too. Whether you are a seasoned raw feeder or simply someone with a genuine interest in the nutrition and diet your pets receive, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised and inspired when you visit their stand at Crufts this year!

Natures Menu, the producer of Natures Menu and Prize Choice raw dog foods are in Hall 5, Stand 170.
They are bringing their Raw Expert Team to the stand. They will be on hand to offer nutritional advice throughout the 4 days, handing out a ‘must have’ booklet that explains their commitment to raw pet foods and there will even be an opportunity to win £100 of free dog food!”.