Natures Menu is thrilled that knowledge about the ingredients and nutrition of pet foods is being highlighted so widely by national newspapers and even TV coverage in the Channel 5 TV show ‘The truth about your dog’s food’.

Our campaign for more honest labelling of pet foods and the use of better quality ingredients has been at the heart of our own product creation and commercial labelling for the last 32 years! We are also pleased to see that raw feeding has been included now as a real option for pet owners within the TV programme itself.

Those that know and love Natures Menu pet foods will agree that our labelling is clear and we really try to identify ingredients to make life easy for consumers.

In addition, we can whole heartedly claim we know exactly what goes into our products and exactly where those products came from, in other words we have full traceability of our ingredients and work hard to ensure only the best foods your reach dogs and cats.
We are proud that our gently steam cooked cans and pouches only contain real meat and contain no sugars, artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, meat meals or manufactured meat derivatives.

We continue to work tirelessly to advise pet owners that raw feeding has now moved much further forward than the TV coverage has time to share with you all!

Raw feeding today is easy, economical, clean and safe with products such as our ready-made complete raw meals. These complete and balanced meals provide all the benefits of a genuinely natural and species appropriate diet with the convenience expected of a professional food for pets.

The best thing about using these prepared foods is the safety of them. Registered Defra approved raw pet food companies such as Natures Menu follow strict EU guidelines where approval to produce raw pet foods are controlled by Defra and the AHVLA (animal health veterinary laboratory agency). These agencies only allows a company to legally provide prepared raw diets when all of the specific production rules are met for Salmonella and other bacteria. In other words, raw pet foods today are produced to high quality standards in the same way as any meat product. Clean production, new packaging, cool storage and quality controls are all demands on the EU regulation for the production of great raw meals for pets.

As the Europe’s leading experts in raw feeding, with 2 award wins in 2013 for our manufacturing procedures we can assure anyone considering feeding a raw diet that Natures Menu raw meat products are of the highest quality and are safe to feed.Raw Is Best logo - HiRes

Natures Menu are disappointed that a quote from a canned pet food producer in last night’s TV programme “The truth about your dog’s food” was quoted as saying that dogs could pass salmonella out through their skin to their fur and onto humans. It was described as shedding. Our Vet and team have not been able to find any evidence to support this claim and there seems to be no evidence in the UK of people contracting this bad bacteria from dogs.
Dogs have a much lower stronger acid in their stomachs than humans, and a digestive system designed to eat and digest raw foods.
We live with millions of dogs in the home and it’s a fact that we live together safely.

1.            UK raw pet food producers prepare balanced and complete raw meals and complementary pet foods

2.            UK raw pet food producers comply with strict processing guidelines issued by the EU

3.            UK raw pet food producers are monitored on a regular basis by Defra and AHVLA, these organisations only allow registered raw pet food producers to legally trade when no salmonella is found.

4.            UK raw pet foods are made from a defined list of ingredients deemed safe for raw pet food production by AHVLA

5.            UK raw pet foods have never been recalled from sale due to bacteria issues, Natures Menu has not had a Salmonella recall in our whole 32 years of trading.

6.            Dogs and cats have a high resistance to bacteria with a low stomach PH and high acidic content so are better able to deal with bacteria that humans.

7.            UK raw pet foods are supplied in new, clean, leak proof packaging

8.            UK raw pet foods now account for over 25 million safe meals per year

9.            UK raw pet food producers offer a choice with the diet and recognise that the product is raw and should be stored, handled and served with the same hygiene respect that humans would give to all raw meats used and served in the home.

If you are at all concerned on the safety of the raw diet you are feeding, initially please do look for a Defra registered company. Having found one please consider the manufacturing procedures that company has in place for the diligence of safety of the raw meals they are creating.
Here at Natures Menu we have an expert raw team with over 30 years of safe raw pet food production, a team of helpers on a free phone telephone number, a fleet of temperature controlled vehicles keep the food frozen right up until delivery to pet shops, breeders and homes.

Natures Menu want to let all pet owners and pet retailers know that all our staff have been briefed on the show and are able to support you with both answers on queries or concerns and also a full range of top quality, real meat pet foods for dogs and cats. A range you will find surprisingly economical to feed too.

More information and support is available for you on our Freephone number 0800 0183770 and also on our website .