The recent award winning pet food  ‘Supplier of the Year’,  Natures Menu  is thrilled to have achieved yet another exciting landmark in the company’s business history, the processing of their 1 Millionth Order!

Natures Menu Ltd whose head office is in Watton, Norfolk has been in manufacturing natural pet foods in since 1981. Starting out as a small family business preparing simple minced meat pet foods for local dog kennels and clubs, they now boast an award winning range of natural pet foods sold across Europe under the Natures Menu brand for dogs and cats.
Craig Taylor was one of the original family members and has been with the company since it began in 1981, he tells us he is committed to sourcing his pet food ingredients from local suppliers and Great Britain as a principle, contributing positively to the growth of the local economy in East Anglia. As an expanding company they have also been able to take on extra staff with further job opportunities to be expected as the company grows and fulfils the demand for its great pet foods.
Craig is sure Natures Menu’s success lies in the fact that they provide honestly labelled, genuinely natural, great quality products that pets find irresistible! All also priced at a cost everyday pet owners find economical and pet stores find commercially strong. He said he is ‘’Delighted that Natures Menu has reached such a landmark and is proud to still be serving the UK’s finest pet stores after 33yrs’’
The lucky 1 millionth customer Brenda Holmes who runs the independent pet store Dis-Cover Pets Corner Ltd in Diss, was thrilled with the fact the millionth landmark order had been from a smaller independent pet store. Brenda said ‘’There is so much real meat in the Natures Menu products! We are always telling customers that’s what makes a pet so healthy. The treats are the only thing that brings my cats into the house when I call them!’’. Store Owner Brenda and Store manager Debbie are pictured here with Natures Menus managing director Craig Taylor receiving a big thank you and bottle of bubbly! Brenda’s own 3 cats, Birmans Bailey and Ashby and a British Blue called Smokey, adore the Natures Menu cat pouches, they also received a bag of their favourite treats sure they will be happily munching on as many more health savvy pet owners purchase Natures Menu foods for their pets delicious meaty dinners from pet stores up and down the country.

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