Leading British grooming supplies manufacturer Mutneys has relaunched its sharpening and clipper services.

The services were suspended in March as a result of Covid-19 restrictions and Mutneys specialists have taken that time to invest in new technology and systems to make the services even better.

The company offers blade and scissor sharpening, clipper servicing and repair as well as blaster and dryer servicing.

It has invested in new precision lapping machinery to fine tune the sharpening process plus a new state-of-the-art jig for reassembly.

Mutneys Professional Pet Care Ltd director, Stephanie Roberts, said the company had been unable to continue with the sharpening services at the height of lockdown, but was delighted to be able to reintroduce it again for customers.

“We have been sharpening blades and scissors and servicing dog grooming clippers for over 20 years so we know how important it is for our customers to have their equipment in tip-top condition.

“The new automated lapping machine only takes off the amount of metal required to give a good edge and is set and calibrated every day to ensure a consistent result,” she said.

“The sharpening services also include four separate cleans, re-tensioning and oiling to making sure every piece of equipment is returned in the best possible condition,” she added.

Full details of the full Mutneys sharpening services can be found at the website at www.mutneys.com or by emailing sales@mutneys.com