Leading professional grooming supplies manufacturer, Mutneys Professional Pet Care Ltd is launching a new easy to navigate website as part of its drive to highlight new products and act on customer feedback.

The new-look website for Mutneys Professional Pet Care will go live on 19th August and uses advanced search features and filters to make it easy to navigate and find products across Mutneys’ broad range.

Company director, Stephanie Roberts, said that it would make it easier for new and existing customers to make their selection from the wide range of grooming and pet care products on offer.

“We haven’t updated our website for several years and over time it becomes rather dated and clunky, particularly as we update our range of products so often. We’ve asked for customer feedback and we hope our new website will give easier access to our range and make finding the right product easier for everyone,” she said

The company is celebrating the launch with a competition giving away over £400 worth of grooming equipment in the first week of the new website going live.

“It’s just a way of saying thank you to our customers and thanking them for their feedback and support over the years” said Stephanie.