Karnlea is extending its Bone Broth range with the introduction of a new flavour next month (July). Lip-licking lamb is being launched as a high-collagen alterative to its beef flavour – the first ‘ambient’ liquid bone broth to hit UK shelves earlier this year.

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The flavour was chosen due to its easy to digest properties – lamb is a ‘gentle’ protein which is good for the gut, supports skin, coat and joint health in cats and dogs.

Karnlea Lamb Bone Broth is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and like its predecessor, is slow cooked for up to 14 hours to extract high levels of protein, collagen and minerals.

It can be used as a supplement, treat or topper and because it’s carton packed from fresh, maintains high-levels of essential nutrients.  These can often be lost during the processing of concentrated or powdered collagen supplements.

Made using just three simple ingredients: lamb bones, water and apple cider vinegar to extract the best from the bones, it can be served as a liquid, straight from the carton, chilled for use as a jelly topper, frozen into treats/convenient portions, or used in home cooking and bakes.

Pre-orders are now being taken and stockists offered the opportunity to ‘mix and match’ their orders to save on carriage.

Karnlea’s founder Lara McCullough said that lamb was an obvious choice to extend the range.

“Like beef, it has high collagen levels, is gentle on the stomach, easy to digest and highly palatable. It contains a large amount of amino acids essential to pet health, including lysine which helps boosts immunity and methionine to relieve allergies,” she explained.

The new flavour will provide an alternative for pets that cannot eat beef or a tasty alternative to those that do enjoy it – a change of proteins can be beneficial as in nature, cats and dogs would vary their diet.

As with beef flavour, Lamb Bone Broth, uses ingredients from antibiotic and hormone-free, grass-fed animals, reared on cooperative farms.

Its heat-sealed cartons are brick-shaped and designed to sit neatly on the shelf – easy to dispatch and store. Each unit contains 500ml of bone broth which has a recommended retail price of £10.99.

For more information or to set up a trade account visit: www.karnlea.com/trade