Groomers Limited are delighted to have worked with Julie Harris on a range designed especially for professional grooming use. Julie has used her years of experience in dog grooming to help develop these products, which are all designed to improve coat manageability, ensuring you can achieve that all-important professional finish to your groom.

All of these must-have professional grooming products feature a unisex clean cotton fragrance to leave pets smelling fresh.

Strip Down Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Thoroughly removes dirt, debris and grease for a squeaky clean, manageable coat.

High Gloss Coat Shine Spray

Give hair a glossy sheen and gently condition the coat. Great for smooth and double coats.

Coat Management Spray

Gently detangles hair of any coat type, ideal for scissoring, trimming or brushing out.

Clean Cotton Deodorising Fragrance Spray

Refreshes and deodorises coats, leaving a fresh unisex scent. Perfect for spritzing on at the end of the grooming session.

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