IPG (USA) and IPG (UK) launch international grooming industry qualification in the United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom, April 10, 2014 – Award-winning dog groomer and competition judge, Angela Caley, is to head a new UK pet grooming industry professional qualification. The International Certified Master Groomer qualification will be formally launched at Master Groom 2014, April 26 – 27, with the option to certify on the day.

This brand new qualification will offer a globally recognised industry award that will meet the needs of the groomer as well as the pet. There will be a programme of education and a series of exams both practical and paper designed to test the knowledge and skill of the groomer.

Angela said “I have always been committed to the education of groomers, having been taught and helped by the best in the business myself”.

Angela holds a host of accolades including International Certified Master Groomer, National Certified Master Groomer, City and Guilds Level 3 (Dist).  She was a former examiner for City & Guilds;  won Groomer Of The Year 1989; Best International groomer-Intergroom;  Euro Groom (BIS);  Best Global Groomer all American.

Angela was also in the Groom Team International Grooming contest as a UK Team Member for 3years running and was twice a gold medallist. She was also nominated for the coveted Cardinal Crystal Grooming Personality of the Year.

“The old adage ‘you never stop learning’ has never been truer than where pets are concerned”, Angela said.

“It is the wish of me and my colleagues that this qualification will enhance our profession. It will give impetus to groomers who have sat on the fence and give them a chance to qualify at international level”.

She added, “Although this exam requires a lot of hard work, no one will be left on their own to worry or to struggle with red tape. It is our aim to help and support candidates every step of the way to becoming proud qualifiers of the International Certified Master Groomer”.

Although the ICMG qualification is new to the UK, the International Professional Groomers Inc. is well established and highly regarded. The Association certifies groomers from USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore and provides international industry standards, a Code of Ethics and an extensive examination process. It certifies groomers at two levels and globally promotes and preserves the professional certifications and accreditations of Pet Groomers, Grooming Salons, and Grooming Schools.

The exams and study materials have been rewritten to reflect the differences between the USA recognised breed standards and the UK recognised breed standards and will enable the groomer to be certified in 5 stages. Sporting/gun dog breeds, non-sporting breeds, terrier breeds (long and short legged), salon details. Each stage has a written and a practical exam. A certificate will be awarded for a score of 70% and above and a score of 86% and higher will earn the applicant the chance to take the Masters Exam. Providing this is passed, also at 86% or higher, the candidate will be awarded a coveted International Certified Master Groomer Certificate (ICMG). This qualification will eventually be rolled out to cover the rest of Europe too.

Angela will be arranging education workshops and certification events around the country with the opportunity for candidates to qualify over the space of a weekend – or in stages – to suit the pace and needs of the candidate.

Angela said, “I understand that often people find the thought of exams daunting and with that in mind I plan to launch a ‘buddy system’”.

She added, “Qualified persons may apply to join a list and volunteer to ‘buddy’ another member who may need help and support. The newly qualified person will then be invited to also join the list and help another member. The ultimate goal will be to foster a culture of sharing and caring and to nurture a kind though professional attitude towards one another”.

Colin Taylor’s Master Groom 2014 will be the first opportunity to start the process for a limited number of competitors. Once the class has finished and judging completed, the candidate will be invited to have the dog privately assessed by Linda Easton and Angela Caley and will count towards over all certification. Candidates must apply directly to Angela Caley prior to Master Groom 2014.

The approximate total cost of the qualification will be £390 (TBC) plus membership of IPG.

Angela will be assisted by board members Colin Taylor, Linda Forsythe, Leslie Sills, Pammie Carmichael-Hogg and Angela Preddy.   For additional information, contact  Angela Caley at info@icmguk.com