Anja Cantillion of Pet Business Insurance

Being trusted to work with people’s pets is a big responsibility and while groomers can take steps to safeguard the animals in their care, there are some things you just

can’t prepare for. Having the right type of insurance can help protect your business when accidents happen, as Anja Cantillion of Pet Business Insurance explains…

Having specialised in providing insurance for pet-business owners over a number of years I have seen various claims and calamities that groomers and other animal-business owners face on an almost daily basis. One that comes to mind is a professional groomer with years of experience. Everything was going well until the dog she was grooming twitched, in the way they sometimes do, and she inadvertently nicked the animal’s skin. Nothing she could have done differently would have changed the outcome, but having the correct insurance meant that she was covered when the distraught dog owner started demanding compensation for the injury.


The right cover:

Through some standard nonnegligent cover the business owner was able to claim her insurance payment within a few weeks. Unfortunately not all the stories we hear have such satisfactory outcomes, but many business disasters could be diverted just by having a policy with non-negligent cover. Another example of where having the right type of insurance has paid off comes from a pet boarder. The business owner found that a large dog in their care had, without warning, eaten a substantial amount of carpet and had become severely ill as a result. Through non-negligent insurance the business owner was covered against the compensation claim that the dog’s owner subsequently tried to claim.

Business sense:

Whether you are starting up in the pet-care industry or simply reviewing your finances, the type of insurance you choose is something you should consider very carefully. Non-negligent insurance covers business owners against compensation claims when, through no fault of their own, an animal they are responsible for becomes ill or is injured.


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