Blippable Indorex CanUsers of Indorex®, Virbac’s award-winning¹ veterinary household flea spray, can now access useful interactive information on flea control by using the Blippar app on their smart device and scanning the Indorex can.

Blippar is an ‘augmented reality’ app that can be downloaded free of charge to any smart device.  When the Indorex can, or even an image of it, is scanned by the app, it appears to ‘come to life’ and offers information on how fleas and house dust mites affect us, a video showing how to use Indorex in the home and an interactive Q&A.

Kate Woolley MRCVS, Product Manager, said:  “Fleas live both on our pets and in our homes. Using a spot-on treatment on pets plays an essential role in controlling them, but our homes need protection too. Indorex’s unique formulation kills adult fleas in our homes for up to two months and continues to protect homes from fleas and house dust mites for a full year.”

She added:  “We have adopted this exciting new technology, already used by well-known brands such as Pizza Hut, Philadelphia and Heinz, to provide pet owners with information on flea control in a way that we hope they will find convenient, easy to access and fun.”

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* Indorex won the Your Dog Magazine ‘Best Flea Product for the Home’ category in 2014-2015 and also won the same category in the Your Cat Magazine Awards.