Group55 is to helping groomers to sharpen up, having agreed the UK distribution rights for CLIPP-AID, a ground breaking new product from the USA to enable groomers to quickly and easily sharpen their trimmer and clipper blades themselves.

Clipp-Aid uses patented sharpening crystals, supplied in special single use sachets, which enable a hair care professional such as a groomer or hairdresser to breathe new life into tired and dull blades within minutes.

To sharpen a trimmer or clipper blade, the user simply opens a sachet of Clipp-Aid crystals, sets their machine running, and places the blade edge into the crystals, moving the blade back and forth for around a minute. During this time, the crystals are pulverised into a fine powder, and the friction created sharpens the blade edge.

Clipp-Aid offers great benefits to the grooming professional, not least by saving them time and money. A blade can be sharpened using Clipp-Aid in just a minute or two, without the hassle of having to send the blade away to be sharpened, and can work out at as little as £2.50 per sharpen, depending on the blade size.

There are four Clipp-Aid variants – Clipp-Aid for trimmers (all sizes), Clipp-Aid for Standard Clipper Blades, Clipp-Aid for Mid-Size Clipper Blades and Clipp-Aid for Large Clipper Blades. The products are supplied in boxes of 10 and 8 sachets and prices range from £24.99 to £29.99 across the range.

Group55 is the company being the multi-award winning Animology range of shampoos and grooming sprays. Already supplying countless groomers around the world, Group55 offers Clipp-Aid an ideal route to market, and will add the product range to their current product offering, which is set to expand further over the next 12 months.

Group55’s Sales Manager, Martin Breen commented;

We are delighted to have concluded this distribution agreement with Clipp-Aid, which will allow us to bring an exciting and innovative new range of products to our customers, with the obvious benefit for Clipp-Aid themselves being that their products will be channelled through one of the most successful and fast growing distribution networks in Europe, alongside our Animology product range.”