Are you bored or unhappy in your career? Do you love animals? Would you like to work anywhere, anytime? Want to learn a skilled trade for life? Grooming for a living could possibly be the answer you are looking for says Heidi Anderton LCGI…

The grooming industry offers a rewarding career with a career path included in the national qualification framework. Working with animals is
emotionally rewarding and fulfilling and taps into your creative side. It is also financially rewarding and can be either a full time career or a part time extra income. It is also very sociable, with grooming events and competitions throughout the year, in the UK and abroad, you can choose to work for yourself, from home or be part of a buzzing salon. Qualifications and prospects There are many on-going levels of training to be taken, from pet owners wanting to groom their own dog or cat, to licentiateship (level 4) and guild of master groomers, these can be taken step by step and are offered by registered schools under an awarding body. The City and Guilds qualifications are the industryrecognised qualifications in
dog grooming and you can now achieve a recentlylaunched qualification in cat grooming too – an area which is proving to be a lucrative specialist market. This is offered by the Pet Care Trade Association and more details can be found on their website at
If you are already a groomer and are thinking of getting on the qualification ladder or improving your skills and prospects – don’t delay! You could
be missing out on newly-developed equipment and techniques which can speed up your grooming time and improve your finished results.

How to choose the school for you 

There are certain things that you should consider when choosing your school. It is not a decision to be takenlightly because this is the foundation for your new life. Here are my top 10 tips to ensure you achieve the best value for your money, the correct training and have the strongest possible start to your new career

1. Check the qualifications or industry decorations of the tutors.

2. Find out if is the school registered with an industry body.

3. Ask what will you actually be able to do at the end of your course.

4. Find out if you will achieve an industry-recognised qualification.

5. Look for a one to five student/teacher ratio or less.

6. Ask if the course follows a structured syllabus.

7. Look for course recommendations.

8. Find out what the working environment like.

9. Check when the course information was last updated.

10. Ask whether the tutors continue their professional development, updating and learning the modern techniques.

It’s time to get started now make your dream a reality. These are five steps to get you started:

1. Think about whether you will you be grooming from home? Salons? Or mobile?

2. Is this going to be a full time career change or a part time venture?

3. How much time and money have you realistically got to invest on a course?

4. Look into schools and what they offer, you will find accredited training centres at

5. Take the plunge and make the call. Good luck in your new career!