Following on from GroomFest 2021 the show went well from our perspective, but we would love to get some of your feedback on the event on what you liked, disliked and what we could improve on.

    1. Did you enjoy GroomFest 2021?

    2. How was the event organised in your opinion?

    3. Is there anything you think can be improved on for 2022?

    4. Is there anything you would like to see more of at the 2022 event?

    5. Is there anything you didn't like or would change for 2022?

    6. Would you be interested in a two day show?

    7. Would you be interested in another event at a different time of year?

    8. Was the event financially available, did you make money at the event?

    9. If you enjoyed the event and would be happy to write a review / testimonial for us to use for future events please do so below: