Advanced feline coat care for high maintenance cats 

Groomers Ltd. are excited to launch a brand new feline collection focusing on the specific needs of the cat. The two new ranges join the 47 canine specific liquid grooming products currently formulated.

The Purrfect Collection

The Purrfect Mild Shampoo and Detangling Spray have been created as an extra-gentle formulation for regular grooming to help prevent tangles and reduce hairballs.
The shampoo is suitable for all coat and skin types and includes a light fragrance and mild ingredients to help make bathing a less stressful experience. The lightweight yet powerful Purrfect Detangling Spray assists extra gentle grooming for medium and long-haired
breeds for a softer, smoother and more manageable coat. Both Purrfect products can be used frequently if necessary.

The Buttermilk Collection

The luxuriously fragranced and indulgent Buttermilk Spa Wash and Spa Rinse are designed to pamper high maintenance cats while nourishing the coat and skin. The gentle formulations are perfect for medium and long-haired breeds.
Both ranges are available in retail and professional sizes.  Prices start from £5.75