To celebrate the biennial Festival Of Grooming 2016, Groomers Limited have released a limited edition shampoo and fragrance spray. Both products are fragranced by perfumers and have been designed to lift spirits and get you in the festival mood.
The Festival scent is a warm, rich and tropical fragrance that features dark fruits, including plum, black cherry and raspberry, mixed with hints of exotic flowers with smooth, aromatic undertones of musk, amber and vanilla.
The shampoo is suitable for any coat type or breed, leaving it clean and fresh, while the fragrance spray features a deodorising formula perfect for topping up the Festival scent. The shampoo and fragrance spray are designed to work together for a spotless, great-smelling dog and a complementary scent.
Both of these products will be available to buy now from the Groomers website, For more information about the Festival Of Grooming, please see the official event webpage at