Alison Rogers was named 2012 Groomer of the Year at the British Dog Grooming Championship on Sunday, winning with a Purebred Scissor Bichon Frise and a clipped/stripped Springer Spaniel. Runner-up was Linda Barker, and third place went to Mike Wildman.

The second-time Groomer of the Year, Alison, on receiving her trophy said: ‘I’m a bit shocked actually, and in a bit of pain as I only came out of hospital a week and a half ago! I wanted to win so that I could semi-retire and concentrate more on showing and grooming abroad. My dogs were brilliant; they didn’t put a foot wrong all day. I’m so proud of them’.

With just under 120 competitors, and almost 150 dogs being groomed, the competition was the biggest ever in its history. Over 600 visitors to the show soaked up the vibrant atmosphere, watching the variety of classes and display of grooming prowess in the competition ring, as well as picking up bargains from the trade stands.

New for 2012 was the Student Team of the Year Challenge, which saw six grooming school teams competing against each other to take home the BDGA Memorial Trophy. London-based Dog’s Delight came out on top, with the AbbFabb Academy of Dog Grooming Training and Evesham Grooming

Academy taking second and third places respectively.

A new cat grooming qualification was launched in front of over 100 seminar attendees, by Liza Cox and Heidi Anderton LCGI. Interested groomers will be able to register to sit the course from early

2013, and a list of accredited centres approved to offer it will be available from the PCTA website from mid-December.

Meriel France, Education & Animal Welfare Manager at the PCTA said: ‘There was such a buzz at this year’s show and the record turnout made for a very exciting finale and awards presentation. The trade stands reported roaring trade this year and our seminar room was packed!  We’d like to thank all of our sponsors, and those who generously donated gifts to the raffle and competitors’ bags.

There were also a number of individuals whose contribution was invaluable in ensuring the smooth running of the show: Colin Taylor and Stuart Simons; English Groomers’ Group; Paula Hull, Julie Harris and all the stewards, and other volunteers, such as the speakers, the PCTA’s Grooming Director Heidi Anderton, and Kennel & Cattery Director Pam Gee.’

The 2012 Championship was sponsored by Groomers Limited, Simpsons, Dezynadog, HIA, Red Cape, Smart Pets International Grooming School, Aesculap and the Pet Care Trust, with ProGroomer as media sponsor.

The full results are as follows:

Groomer of the Year 2012 (sponsored by Groomers Ltd, presented by Graham Searle)

Alison Rogers

Runner-up: Linda Barker

3rd Mike Wildman

Junior group winners (sponsored by Dezynadog, presented by Carole Flatt)

1st Emma Taylor

2nd Imogen Heaton

3rd Sian Beddoe


Student & Newcomer group winners (sponsored by HIA, presented by Adrian Strangwick)

1st Donna McGarry

2nd Kay Pettett

3rd Kristin Raag

Experienced group winners (sponsored by Simpsons, presented by Kevin Simpson)

1st Charlie Crowley

2nd Rachel Symonds

3rd Chris Briggs

Advanced group winners(sponsored by Simpsons, presented by Kevin Simpson)

1st Mike Wildman

2nd Alison Rogers

3rd Linda Barker


Student Team of the Year (sponsored by Pet Care Trust)

1st Dog’s Delight

2nd AbbFabb Academy of Dog Grooming Training

3rd Evesham Grooming Academy

 Special Awards

Best Technique (sponsored by Red Cape) – Mike Wildman

Outstanding Achievement (sponsored by Smart Pets International Grooming School) – Zoe Duffy



Clip, Trim and Strip:

(6-11 years)

1st Sian Beddoe (Young Kennel Club qualifier)

(12-17 years)

1st Imogen Heaton (Young Kennel Club qualifier)

2nd Lottie Garratt

(18-24 years)

1st Emma Taylor (Young Kennel Club qualifier)

2nd Sophie Wing (Young Kennel Club qualifier)

3rd Jade Borrow


Hand Strip & Clipped Gundogs

1st Kay Pettett

2nd Zsofi Sarkadi

3rd Louise Hamilton

Clipped Terriers or Schnauzers

1st Kristin Raag

2nd Victoria Jones

3rd Rebecca Bott

Hand Strip – any dog other than a gundog

1st Jade Knight

Poodle Scissor

1st Jade Georgiou

2nd Denise Clare

3rd Tracy O’Dell

Pure Bred Scissor

1st Tanya Maddever

2nd Aleksandra Kunicka

3rd Fran Foard

Pot Pourri Scissor

1st Donna McGarry

2nd Sophie Evans

3rd Amy Scott-Dyson


Hand Strip & Clipped Gundogs

1st Deborah Aylmer

2nd Danielle Ingarfill

3rd Rachel Hart

Hand Strip – any dog other than a gundog

1st Rachel Symonds

2nd Christine Anderton

3rd Sophie Fury

Clipped Terriers or Schnauzers

1st Chris Briggs

2nd Sharon Evans

3rd Carole Gowers

Poodle Scissor

1st Charlie Crowley

2nd Emily Mulholland

3rd Becky Ross

Pure Bred Scissor

1st Lois Dalton

2nd Chris Briggs

3rd Holly Rodgers

Pot Pourri Scissor

1st Sarah Impey

2nd Sara Hussein

3rd Julia-Sue Kerle


Hand Strip & Clipped Gundogs

1st Mike Wildman

2nd Peter Ensell

3rd Alison Rogers

Clipped Terrier or Schnauzers

1st Chris Swain

2nd Linda Forsyth

3rd Jocelyn Dorrian

Hand Strip – any dog other than a gundog

1st Jitka Krizova

2nd Zoe Duffy

3rd Laura Campanella

Poodle Scissor

1st Linda Barker

2nd Fiona Brook

3rd Su Eld-Weaver

Pure Bred Scissor

1st Alison Rogers

2nd Peter Ensell

3rd Dione Spice

Pot Pourri Scissor

1st Zoe Duffy

2nd Anita Karikas

3rd Joanne Beddoe