The bi annual World Team Dog Grooming Championships were held on September 25th 2022 in Kortrijk Belgium. Following the postponement of the 2019 event and delays due to the pandemic this is the first championships since 2017.  The event was attended by 16 countries from as far as Brazil and Canada and is organised and hosted by the European Grooming Association.  

Groom Team England has attended every event since 2007 with a highest previous placing of 3rd in 2009. A team of 6 including Captain and reserve attended the event, sponsored by Simpsons Grooming Supplies and uniforms supplied by Artero. They travelled via ferry and car with their dogs to compete at the main event in the grooming calendar supported by Groom Team committee members and English groomers.

The competition is split into 4 categories of different grooming styling and techniques and was judged by an international panel of 6 judges .Points are awarded for each groom by 3 judges and then accumulated to ascertain the highest score resulting in placing for six teams.

The team members are:
Captain:  Denise Westbrook
Cheryl Howard representing Pure Breed Scissor with a Kerry Blue Terrier called Gin
Amy Manser representing Spaniel & Setter with an American Cocker Spaniel called Larry
Costin Stoica representing Hand Strip with a Wire Fox Terrier called Lord
Kirsty Young representing Poodle with a Standard Poodle called Ginny
Reserve:  Julie Lalou Simpson

The six placings were:
1st England
2nd Italy
3rd USA
4th Greece
5th Spain
6th Switzerland

Groom Team England is a non-profit organisation funded by sponsorship, founded in 2007 and run by a committee headed by Joanne Angus