Cat grooming is becoming more and more popular with cat owners realising the many benefits of looking after their cats’ coats more.

Not only do the cats look and feel better after removing any knots, but you can help their well-being immensely with something as simple as a sanitary trim for those cats with fluffy behinds who struggle to keep the area clean themselves.

Here, iPET Network tutors and Kat Lady business owner Katie Gwilt gives her top five reasons to consider adding cat grooming to your current portfolio of services in 2023 and how you can do this. By Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty of the iPET Network.

  1. Expand your client base

Who doesn’t want more clients!? There is a lot less competition for cat groomers at the moment as well as there aren’t very many who are trained in cat handling and cat behaviour. I highly recommend studying cat grooming separately as they are definitely not small dogs and act completely differently.

There is a real gap in the market though and having a cat-only day every week or two weeks will fill up fast once word gets out that you have cat experience as well as dogs. I am willing to bet that many of your dog grooming clients also have cats so you already have the client relationship in place before you even start having to advertise.

  1. Learn new skills

Grooming cats uses a lot of basic dog grooming techniques, but the handling skills are completely different. They don’t care if you ask them to sit or jump into the bath. You need to learn to read their body language and facial cues and work with the cat to find a way that works for you both.

You also need to learn how to handle any tricky cats. I work with a strong anti-scruff policy and use towels to wrap cats that tend towards swiping alongside behaviour and calming techniques. Consider grooming on a table, the floor, your lap etc.

Grooming cats will help you really increase your flexible attitude towards grooming all species and adapting the groom for the specific animal regardless of species which will improve your grooming skills across the board.

  1. Flexibility – Cats can be groomed in a salon or as a mobile groomer

Cats are often easier to work with in their own home so grooming cats can work well if you are a mobile groomer as well as based in a salon. I work primarily as a mobile cat-only groomer but teach in a salon as well.

The salon gives you more control over your surroundings but some cats can get very anxious. Grooming in the client’s home means no dog smells in the salon and fewer changes in their environment. It allows you to have a more flexible approach to your grooming business as you can mix and match depending on what suits you and your staff.

  1. Cats are often overlooked

Many cat owners still don’t realise that cats need grooming too as they spend a lot of their time grooming themselves. Grooming is also a self-soothing exercise and part of social bonding in multi-cat households and feral colonies.

It’s more obvious that long-haired cats will need more help with grooming, but don’t forget about older cats who find those yoga poses cats are famous for more difficult and sick cats too.

Flat-faced brachycephalic breeds also need additional help and are prone to weeping eyes as well as knotting. By adding cat grooming to your services you can make a real difference in a cat’s life just by cleaning their face and trimming their claws to help prevent them getting stuck in furnishings or from becoming ingrown.

  1. Cats are fascinating creatures

Never underestimate the joys of working with cats. Every day I learn something new as a full-time cat-only groomer, behaviourist and holistic therapist. They always keep you guessing and I love building relationships with my feline clients and gaining their trust over sessions.

When you get to the point where they purr and relax in your company it’s the most rewarding part of my job. There is a lot of new research coming out about cats all the time so there is always something new to study which I personally really enjoy too. You learn quickly that cats all have their own very unique personalities and quirks which again is just fascinating.

If you would like to learn more please contact iPet Network which offers three levels of cat grooming courses across the country. I have been teaching their courses from Lynn near Warrington in the North West in 2022 and have found it so rewarding and always love working with new students.