Herbal experts Dorwest will not only be helping thousands of pets keep calm this firework season but rescue dogs as well. Dorwest is extending their calming hand this year to rescue centres up and down the country by donating ‘combo rescue packs’ to help those most in need. Each ‘combo rescue pack’ will contain top herbal products Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound . So if you know of a rescue centre that will benefit from this ultimate calming combination have your say and nominate them via Dorwest’s social media accounts from 5th – 12th October. Winners will be chosen at random and the ‘combo rescue packs’ will be sent in plenty of time before the firework season. Enter and help take the stress out of fireworks for all #Dorwest2Rescue.

Call 01308 897272, email info@dorwest.com or visit www.dorwest.com www.facebook.com/dorwest and follow @Dorwest on Twitter and Instagram