Remember, remember the fifth of November? Gunpowder, treason, plot and your pets cowering in the corner? Many pet owners feel that there is no solution to noise and firework phobias in pets but Dorwest Herbs is set to change their minds.

 According to the RSPCA noise phobias affect nearly 50% of the dog population each yearand many cats too. Fireworks season is often extremely distressing for these animals and their owners, yet there are some very simple ways to tackle the condition, including the use of licensed herbal treatments for pets such as Dorwest Herb’s Scullcap and Valerian Tablets.

Dorwest’s managing director, Jo Boughton-White, says: “There is no reason why pets should have to suffer the distress of firework phobia when vets, vet nurses, or local pet shops can suggest lots of strategies that will help reduce the level of fear and anxiety.”

Dorwest herbal medicines are available at veterinary practices and specialist pet shops or by calling 01308 897272. You can also find Dorwest on Facebook where you’ll be able to enter a fabulous competition for a chance to win a pet-friendly weekend at a boutique inn or a Dorwest Fireworks survival pack – but hurry, the closing date is October 19, 2012!