The Scissor Boutique

The Scissor Boutique

Choosing from our fabulous range of quality Scissors. We carefully select all our scissors for superb quality and great value. We take great pride in sourcing and offering the very best available. Our “Specialised Scissor Selector Service” is designed for professionals to ensure that you get the most suitable Scissors for you and the work that you are doing to help you stay ahead in the profession.

Through sharing our experience and knowledge we can help you not only choose the best scissors for you. We can also help you take care of them better so they last you longer. We can also give advice and tips that can help you use the products more efficiently to achieve better results in a shorter time frame.

We are crazy about Scissors and we love our job. We have enthusiasm for our work and everything to do with Scissors, we feel together we can give you a better shopping experience and greater customer satisfaction resulting in a good long term relationship with a greater understanding of the products and services available to you.

Mandy & Mike Carr

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