Bugalugs Pet Care

Bugalugs Pet Care

Established in 2020, Bugalugs Pet Care has become a leading producer of premium grooming products trusted by pet specialists worldwide. Our extensive range of customer-favourite grooming solutions ensures optimal pet care without compromising affordability. Manufactured in our own GMP certified facility located in the English Lake District, we offer an array of award-winning pet care products.
At Bugalugs, innovation is at our core, driving continuous improvement and the introduction of new products. Our Groomers Club discounts enhance value for our customers, reinforcing our commitment to supporting professionals in the industry. From our top-selling shampoos renowned for long-lasting scents to our teeth-cleaning dental care and health-boosting supplements, Bugalugs delivers high-quality pet care products that meet the highest standards.
We take pride in creating gentle yet effective formulations that pet care professionals and owners can always trust.
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