Leading Worcestershire-based pet food manufacturer, Albion Meat Products which recently celebrated its 30th year in business has today given the pet trade a sneak preview of its new exciting packaging for its premium range of meat products.

Along with a new company logo for Albion Meat Products the firm’s Premium range will now be called Canine Country Bowl and will incorporate the strap line “Natural food that puts a spring in their step.” The colourful packaging features images of different breeds of pedigree dogs taken by leading dog photographer, Nick Ridley all racing towards a bowl of food.  Each variety has a different colour making it easy for the customer to identify it in the freezer.

Albion Meat Products is one of the pioneers of the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet in theUKas they were one of the first companies to recognise the potential in this Bones and Raw Meat formula. BARF follows the principle of evolution that dogs are descended from wolves and other wild dogs and although humans have changed their external appearance as well as special skills (guarding, protecting, hunting or lap-dogs), the dog’s digestive system however remains unchanged. Dogs belong to the family of carnivores, i.e. meat eaters with sharp incisors designed for more than just grinding vegetables and grain. A natural raw meat diet combined with vegetables, rice or cooked potatoes is seen by many to be healthier way to feed their pets. This is also supplemented by feeding raw bones. 

The company was founded by Catherine Donegan the daughter of Birmingham meat supplier who started the business at the age of 18 by delivering meat products for dog owners from the back of her car around the Midlands. The business expanded quite rapidly and the product range was expanded to include butcher’s pet mince and they opened a manufacturing plant based in Birmingham and moved their sales and delivery service to Pershore where Catherine lived.  Catherine’s husband Gary is also now a partner in the firm.


All the meat in Albion’s products is sourced locally where possible and is of human grade quality. They offer five core ranges as well as selection of bones. For those who do not want to make up their own recipes they also offer a complete food called Meaty Feast. The Chunky and Free Flow ranges are also shortly to be re-packaged under the Canine Country Bowl umbrella and these will be available later on in the year.

The new packaging will be available from May. According to Catherine, “We are absolutely delighted with our new packaging. We felt that it was time that our ranges were given a facelift. By giving them a new brand name and stronger packaging we feel that our products have more pick me up and buy appeal in the freezer with a name and image that people can remember.”

The Premium range is available in 9 meat varieties giving customers a great choice. The first varieties to be launched will be Chicken, Tripe, Lamb, Beef, Beef and Tripe and Turkey. 3 more varieties will be available shortly.

For further information on the BARF Diet or of Albion Meat Products’ ranges, visit their website at www.albionmeatproducts.co.uk or telephone: 01386 554095.