Girbau UK Launches Under Counter Washer and Dryer Models

Well known for its robust commercial and industrial laundry equipment, Girbau UK has launched its first professional grade Under Counter washers and dryers that fit underneath standard 900mm height counters. Both machines combine energy efficiency, ease of use and compact size with high quality, durable construction making them ideal for a wide range of applications including veterinary and animal care.

The new Under Counter washer’s strong stainless steel Active Drum™ design has hourglass lifters that guide loads to gentler central areas for better load balance and reduced wear on delicate items. A 180-degree opening door makes the machine easier to load and unload from a basket. It is available with a choice of 6kg or 8kg capacity with either a pump or gravity drain.

Quiet long-life operation is assured thanks to the washer’s sturdy Quattro™ construction with durable shock absorbers that allow virtually vibration-free high-speed spinning. Rather than cheap concrete counterweights, the washer features cast iron stabilisers for higher spin speeds, better water extraction and increased spin efficiency.

The washer features an easy-to-use liquid crystal display user interface. It features 28 flexible programs, three of which are customisable, as well as disinfection, mop, microfibre and allergy settings. It also comes with in-built service diagnostics. The delayed start function can be used to plan ahead and set machines to run off-peak to optimise use of cheaper energy tariffs.

The new Under Counter dryer can also be stacked on top of the washer to save floor space. The 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and the 8kg capacity model is vented. The Sensi Dry system automatically determines the right drying time, saving energy and assuring fabric care. Its convenient auto programs save energy as the running time is automatically adjusted according to load size and the required dryness.

Butterfly drying ™ tumbling in a figure of eight movement, non-stop in one direction stops clothes from bundling and ensures long life durability of the motor and belt. The efficient lint filter has an automatic indicator to remind users to clean it for optimum energy efficiency and safety.

The dryer’s memory function remembers the last program used including any chosen settings, so if nothing needs to change, you can simply press start for the next load.

The new Girbau under counter washer and dryer are now available to order from Girbau UK.


As we all know, the fad of designer breeds is in no way going to decrease. And as more and more people bring home a dog that is not purebred, the issue with skin disorders will not go away.

Skin disorders are a major challenge for everyday groomers. The most common issues reported by veterinarians include folliculitis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis and sebaceous adenitis. These skin conditions can contribute to poor coat health, irritation, and hair loss. It is important to note that although these are skin conditions, they will affect the entire body including the coat, ears, and feet.

But as a groomer, how do you recognise a skin disorder, and best of all how do you work with the owner to achieve a better life for the dog?

Groomers carry a great deal of responsibility for their clients' pets. It is important to understand that skin is the pet's largest organ, so what you use and how you use it can either prevent or cause dry skin. An imbalance in the skin--what we refer to as 'atopy'--can cause itchy skin and excessive oil production. So, it's very important to get yourself familiarized with shampoo ingredients, and atopic disorders that cause skin disorders, because every product you put on a pet should be able to give something back to the skin that helps normalise the barrier.

With so much information and products readily available to you as a groomer, it is important that you research the information and the right products carefully.

The New iPET Network Level 3 Award in Promotion of Canine Skin, Hair and Nail Health has been developed with the pet professional in mind. It provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the tools, methods and techniques used to keep the skin, hair, and nails of dogs in optimum condition. This course will enable you to gain an understanding of the importance of canine skin care; learn how to assess a dog's body condition; understand pain in dogs (and its causes); be able to recognise abnormal/disorders skin lesions; understand disease processes affecting the skin, hair, and nails; and more.

Paula Bryan, Managing Director of Clipit Grooming is delivering this online course to enable candidates to develop knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of canine hair and skin, to discuss and recognise to know when to recommend a client seeks veterinary advice, and to provide advice to owners on grooming, maintaining coat quality and condition.

This online course is available via Clipit Grooming and can be found by using this link 


The team behind Be:Loved, Carina, Nick and Andrew, give us a rundown of what they can offer you!

We are always working hard to create new natural products to benefit you and your pet’s day-to-day lifestyles.

We won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise building an international pet care business, and Carina has been a leader in the industry for over 16 years. Carina loves horse riding, and her young family keep horses, dogs and chickens. She and her business partners are from farming families in Dorset, Wales and Australia.

We have inherited not only a love of animals, but a healthy respect and practical care for working animals and domesticated pets that pet parents truly appreciate.

The Be:Loved Tale

The inspiration for Be:Loved was an old family heirloom: a farmhouse animal husbandry care book.

Carina’s family used to create cures for their stock using nothing but the hedgerows and nature’s harvest.

They compiled a treasure chest of recipes from soaps and shampoos to help farmers clean grubby hands and paws, to moisturising balms for callouses - and absolutely everything was natural.

We used and reimagined these recipes for our four-legged friends and have an effective and luxurious range of products to help care for and delight pets and pet parents alike.

Together you’re two-of-a-kind. Show that you care with all-natural, handmade products that help pets to be clean, protected and best of all, be pampered.

The current Be:Loved range consists of the Be:Set, Be:Calm, Be:Clean, Be:Bugfree, Be:Vegan, Be:Silky, Be:Pure and Be:Fresh.

There is also a range of balms, Be:Soft, Be:Safe, Be:SunSafe.

Our range of balms has individual benefits for pets and parents alike. Sun cream with a protection factor safe for pets, first aid that helps heal cracked, broken skin and soothing balms to gently prevent and cure rough or damaged skin. All hand-poured with natural ingredients that start to work straight away.

To find out more, get in touch by dialing +44 (0)1628 822247, e-mailing and visiting @belovedpetz on Instagram.

Take A Load Off

A safe space to pop your feet up, offload, and have a chat.

Lister have teamed up with parent company Wahl to create a pop-up barbershop at The Royal
Highland Show to help raise awareness around mental health in agriculture.
Take a load off. A safe space to pop your feet up, offload, and have a chat. Mental health in the
agricultural industry is something that doesn’t get talked about enough. With 92% of UK farmers
under the age of 40 ranking their mental health as being poor, it is a hidden problem that we need to
talk about.
The pop-up barbershop will be open from Friday the 23
rd to Sunday the 25th near the Shearing
Pavilion at The Royal Highland Show. Providing visitors with the opportunity to get a fresh hair cut by
a professional barber, the campaign will be raising money for The DPJ Foundation and the RSABI,
both mental health charities within the agricultural industry.

Attracting over 190,000 visitors each year, this year’s Royal Highland Show will be hosting the
Shearing World Championships, seeing shearers and enthusiasts travelling from all around the world
to support the competition. Creating this safe space at the event is crucial for those who may want to
take a moment to relax and just chat in a safe space.
Martin Booth, Head of Sales and Commercial at Lister, said, "Partnering up with Wahl and offering a
service, such as barbering, that can sometimes be difficult to arrange when travelling and working
long hours is an important step in our mission to supporting mental health within agriculture. It is
vital to raise awareness on this issue the industry is facing and ensure individuals who work in the
rural community get access to the support and resources available.”
Lloyd Rees, shearer and Lister ambassador, said, “Many people working in farming and agriculture
often feel isolated and distanced from the wider communities. This can have a big impact on their
mental health, and without the proper resources and support to hand, can often spiral into
something bigger”.
Kate Miles, Charity Manager of the DPJ Foundation, said, “We are really pleased and grateful that
Lister have taken the lead with the Take a Load Off initiative to provide an opportunity to promote
good mental health in agriculture, the power of taking time and talking. The eyes of the shearing
world will be on the Golden Shears so it’s a brilliant chance to raise awareness.”

G4S Cash360™: Intelligent cash technology for your business

Managing a business means juggling many things at once, and managing your cash is no different. Typically, this takes time, money and energy. Cash360is a technology-led, managed cash solution that addresses these challenges.
Save time and money whilst doing your bit for the planet
Cash360means significant benefits for your business, customers and others:

Money saving: Once your money is inserted into a smart safe, it’s validated, counted, ready for reconciliation and won’t be touched again until it’s collected by a security-vetted driver.                                                             

Improve control: Your cash is visible to you 24/7 via a self-service portal, and as it’s indemnified by the world’s leading security company G4S, you can have peace-of-mind that it’s always secure.

Reduce Waste: The smart safe knows how much cash it’s holding and schedules collections only when needed which reduces the vehicle emissions and one-time plastic associated with banking your cash. 

Your business, customers…and your accountants will be delighted with the results.

Commerce continues to change
Retail is constantly changing. Consumer expectations and behaviour are shaped by so many variables, ranging from social media, emphasis on healthy eating, to the increasing cost of everyday items.

In terms of money, retailers are in the front line of change, having to respond to the increased use of contactless payments via a myriad of devices and schemes, continuous security threats at point-of-sale and, most recently, a resurgence in cash usage in response to the cost of living crisis.

It is clear that retailers need to constantly review and adapt their approach to cash and payments management, from front to middle and back office. While cash usage has decreased, it’s not going away anytime soon and is forecasted to be the second most frequently used payment method in the UK for the foreseeable future.

G4S Intelligent cash management, collections and processing
In an age of constant change in the world of commerce, G4S is the only company that provides a full end-to-end cash and payments management solution. With security at the core of its purpose, Cash360provides business owners and managers with the means to save time and money in cash management.

Cash360is the secure and integrated cash management solution from G4S. If your business accepts cash, you are likely spending a lot of extra money throughout the year on managing it. Cash360reduces these costs and gives time back to the business, while improving security and cashflow.

The Cash360service involves the installation of an internet enabled smart safe connected to the G4S data platform. As cash is inserted at point-of-sale or in the back office, it’s validated and you have real-time visibility through your own self-service portal.
Plus, subject to your Bank’s approval, the cash can be credited to your bank account on the same day, while the money is still on site.

When the safe hits a predetermined limit, G4S automatically collects the money, so you don’t have to plan for or worry about having to cancel unwanted collections.

As the cash is not handled once in the safe, it eliminates errors and potential losses. As the reconciled cash is recorded accurately, your accounts are always correct and fully up to date.

The combination of intelligent cash management, collections and cash processing delivers an optimum solution for your business.

Let cash work for you with Cash360- visit, and search ‘Cash360’.


Over the course of the pandemic and lockdown, the number of people owning pets has risen significantly in the UK. The Pet Population Report 2021, states that over 17 million households now own pets - with a huge 12.5 million of those households having a dog*.

We care deeply for our pets, they truly are a part of the family, but there can sometimes be a knowledge gap when it comes to fueling our furry friends. How much do we feed them? when do we need to feed them? and most importantly...what do we feed them?

Pet food experts Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) have helped develop Harrington’s Advance Science Diet, which provides a perfect balance of nutrition for your four-legged friends. The diet is also endorsed by Yorkshire Vet, Peter Wright and is naturally enhanced for the health and wellbeing or your furriest family member.

Not only does it cater to your pets’ insides, but with a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 oils, your dog’s coat and skin will be healthy and shiny. These Omega oils come from the raw materials in the salmon oil and chicken fat.

Maintaining and caring for your dog’s mobility is key to a healthy and happy animal. A large percentage of dogs in the UK suffer with problems such as arthritis and mobility issues. This is not just limited to older dogs, but dogs of all ages**. The Advanced Science Diet includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which comes from the Premium Vitamin and Mineral supplement. These aid mobility by supporting cartilage development, and also block certain enzymes from damaging existing cartilage, while supporting joint fluid to help with lubrication. Both work together to help minimise pain and inflammation.

Changing food can be upsetting for your dog’s stomach, but with the Advance Science Diet, it includes freshly prepared animal ingredients, with over 70% single animal protein sources to help minimise sensitivities that pooches can have to certain proteins.

It takes into account how active dogs can be, by ensuring there is enough protein and fat so that they’re hitting the ideal energy requirements for the everyday pet, which differs for each dog size.

On top of this, digestion is a big consideration, which always comes when you introduce a higher level of animal protein. To combat this, the Advance Science Diet has added probiotic, Bacillus subtilis C-3102 probiotic. Bacillus subtilis creates an environment which is positive for the beneficial bacteria in the gut. It promotes the population of good bacteria in the gut and reduces the pathogenic bacteria. The result is a healthier gut, and better utilisation of nutrients.

Harringtons has taken this science and nutrition and put it all into a new rage of the ‘Advanced Science Diet Dry Dog Food’, available in 3 sizes, small breed, medium breed and large breed, to cater to all dogs in a delicious chicken and gravy flavour with an RRP of £7.50 for a 2kg bag making it an incredibly sustainable diet for your pets.

Sarah McNamara who is a Pet Nutritionist at Inspired Pet Nutrition commented on the range: “We know people care deeply for their pets in UK and want to make sure they are providing them with the best possible diet, and doing so shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s a range and that we’re proud of and a lot of research and hard work has gone into creating it, it is really flexible and made to fit every breed, size and age of dog targeting the inside and out, from gut to coat. With Advance Science Diet, we think we have created something that provides consumers with an affordable solution for high quality nutrition for their pets throughout their entire life.

The best part, it is made by the UKs 1st carbon negative per mood manufacturer using lightweight, low carbon recyclable packaging. So not only will your dog feel good, but the environment will to.

For more information please contact Email: Web:

Aqueos: The same sustainable products only greener

Award-winning Aqueos is upgrading its branding to better showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

As the trusted maker of alcohol-free disinfectants, shampoos and first aid products for dogs and horses, we aren’t changing anything other than our labels.

Buyers still get the same quality products, but in bolder, brighter packaging that mirrors our hopes for a bolder, brighter future.

Aqueos disinfectant solution is gentle, but effective, using active ingredients supported by the GB BPR Active Substance Review Programme for use with Veterinary hygiene biocidal products. Tested effective to standards EN1276 Bactericidal, EN1650 Fungicidal and EN14476 Virucidal, our disinfectant products kill coronaviruses and they have also been independently tested against ringworm and parvovirus.

Aqueos disinfectant products

• Have less than 1% active ingredient
• Are biodegradable
• Are PH neutral
• Don’t harm plant life
• Use recyclable packaging
• Use shredded cardboard as packing filler
• Are cruelty free
• Are vegan friendly
• Made in the UK

Products include anti-bacterial shampoo for dogs and horses, stable & kennel disinfectants, wipes, hand sanitisers and first aid products.

Available from wholesalers or contact us at

Can You Cut It? Christies Direct search for their newest brand ambassadors.

Christies Direct launch their search for passionate groomers to represent their brands.

Kicking 2022 off with a bark, leading dog grooming suppliers Christies Direct are looking to appoint their newest brand ambassadors to represent them in the global pet industry.
Wanting to be inclusive of all areas of expertise and influence, Christies Direct have created different roles to ensure there are a variety of options for groomers to get involved in educating their audience and growing the global grooming community. Christies Direct are searching for an Elite Brand Ambassador, a Digital Content Creator and Chief Product Reviewers.
Colin Christie, CEO of Christies Direct, has been an industry leader in animal grooming for over thirty years. He says, “We are looking for brand ambassadors that shine in all areas of content creation and live performance. The successful applicants will be exciting, skilled groomers, with excellent product knowledge and a passion for pet grooming and our brands”

The Elite Brand Ambassador role has been created for innovative and creative grooming experts across the globe. The company initially plan to appoint a groomer for this role who is based in the UK or Ireland but will be expanding this into other territories. This role requires expert knowledge of products and techniques, great presentation skills, confidence on and off camera and the ability to produce excellent written content.
This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy travel, networking, giving product reviews, and creating content. The role also includes supporting new product development at Christies Direct.
The Christies Direct Brand Ambassador 2021, Kayla Harrison will be helping to judge applicants. She adds, “Don’t be afraid to show off your technical prowess and highlight your creativity and any areas of innovation. As groomers we are passionate about our creativity and creating content that stands out. Share this in your application and it will definitely set you apart from other applicants.”
Christies Direct are also looking for a digitally savvy groomer to come into their brand ambassador team as a Christies Direct Creator. The successful applicant will be an influential groomer with a great online following who is visually minded and confident in content creation.
Christies Direct also hope to collaborate with passionate groomers to provide product reviews. This role would be ideal for busy groomers who may not have the time to commit to one of the other roles but who are passionate, opinionated, and articulate.
In stage one groomers are asked to share their experience, knowledge, and the reasons why they think they can cut it as a Christies Direct Brand Ambassador, alongside a brief introduction video where they share their favourite Groom Professional product. The judging panel, Colin Christie (CEO), Matt McCallum (Marketing Manager) and Kayla Harrison (Brand Ambassador 2021) will review the applications and shortlist the top candidates to move on to Stage 2.
To learn more about the roles on offer or to apply, click to become the new Brand Ambassador for Europe’s number one pet grooming supplier.

A message of support from TGM

Dear readers and industry partners,

Everyone has been hit hard by the outbreak of Covid-19, but we wanted to reach out to reassure you that you have the full support of all of us here at TGM in these difficult, uncertain times.

Over the past week, our website has seen a significant spike
in traffic, a result of people seeking out the latest information and
developments in the ever-evolving landscape. We will continue to provide you
with trustworthy and up-to-date news via our digital and print platforms, and
in any other ways we can.

We are closely monitoring Government announcements and are
working in partnership with key trade bodies and associations, as well as
suppliers, distributors and other companies, to support you and help your
business get through the current crisis.

Now, more than ever, we should be sharing information and talking to each other. Please use TGM as a hub and a channel for your thoughts and best practice. Share your positive news, advice, ideas and opinion with us – email

Stay strong and best wishes,