OSCAR Pet Foods, a leader in the pet industry, is thrilled to be celebrating its 30th anniversary marking three decades of dedicated service to pets and their owners. Since 1994, OSCAR has been committed to providing high quality, nutritious pet food that not only satisfies our cherished companions but also contributes to their overall health and well-being.

Over the past 30 years, OSCAR Pet Foods has grown from strength to strength with a strong established network of franchisees throughout the UK. The company’s journey has been fuelled by a passion for animals and a desire to create balanced and tasty meals that cater to the unique nutritional needs of every pet.

Key milestones in their 30-year journey include:


  1. Commitment to Quality. From the beginning, OSCAR Pet Foods has maintained a steadfast commitment to only using the finest ingredients in its recipes and prioritising the health and happiness of pets.


  1. Innovation in Nutrition. Over the years, OSCAR has embraced advances in pet nutrition ensuring its products keep evolving to meet the changing needs of pets. Its team of nutritional experts work continuously to develop innovative formulas that support pets at every stage of life.


  1. Community Engagement. OSCAR Pet Foods takes pride in being an active member of the communities in which it serves. Through its strong network of local franchisees, it strives to make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners.


  1. Customer Satisfaction. The loyalty of customers lies at the heart of OSCAR’s success.

OSCAR Pet Foods extends its deepest gratitude to all the pet owners who have trusted its expertise in nourishing their beloved pets.

OSCAR Pet Foods is extremely proud to have been awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2024: an independent seal of excellence, which recognises businesses that consistently deliver a world-class customer experience.

Managing Director Richard Martin expresses gratitude for the support received over the years, saying, “Reaching this 30-year milestone is a testament to the dedication of our franchise network, the team at OSCAR, and, of course, the loyalty of our customers and their pets. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our mission of providing pets with the nutrition they deserve."

If you would like to join in the celebrations and try a free meal for your pet, why not contact OSCAR to be introduced to the OSCAR products and services.


0800 195 8000

DogFest 2024 Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Stellar Sponsor Line-Up

DogFest, the nation’s favourite dog-friendly festival, proudly unveils its prestigious sponsor lineup so far for 2024, showcasing top-tier brands dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. 

DogFest welcomes Burns Pet Nutrition and Butcher's Nourishing Food for Dogs, two leading names in canine nutrition. Burns Pet Nutrition pioneers healthy dog food, offering expert advice on doggy diets and exclusive offers on wholesome recipes. Butcher's Nourishing Food for Dogs, joining as Agility Ring Partner, boasts a delectable range of meals crafted with top-quality, natural ingredients from British & Irish farms, ensuring complete and balanced nutrition for furry friends. 

As the Fresh Dog Food Partner, Butternut Box shares its heartwarming journey of delivering health and happiness to dogs everywhere. Their commitment to fresh, healthy meals shines through, inspired by the transformative story of Rudie, a beloved rescue dog. 

Dogs Trust, the Official Charity Partner, stands at the heart of DogFest, championing the joys of rescue dogs and providing a lifeline for canines in need. At the Dogs Trust Village, visitors can explore adoption opportunities and partake in activities celebrating the special bond between dogs and their owners. Plus, the Dog School arena will offer 15-minute group training sessions. 

JR Pet Products joins DogFest, offering premium, all-natural treats and chews for furry companions. With a dedication to sourcing high-quality ingredients and adhering to rigorous standards of production, JR Pet Products has earned the trust of pet owners worldwide. Their diverse range of offerings caters to the unique needs and preferences of pets of all shapes and sizes, setting the benchmark for excellence in the pet treat market. 

FG Barnes & Sons and Thule offer innovative solutions for pet travel and lifestyle. From locally owned car dealerships to global leaders in pet transportation products, they cater to the diverse needs of dog owners, ensuring comfort, safety, and style on the go. 

Hamptons returns to DogFest, sharing insights into pet-friendly living across their network of estate agents. Watkins & Tasker Vets, an independent Veterinary Practice, showcases their commitment to pet care excellence, providing award-winning services and compassionate care for furry patients. 

Homewood, the award-winning hotel for dogs, joins as a sponsor for the very first time. Set in over 20 acres of breathtaking natural beauty, providing all the facilities needed to ensure dogs have a fantastic stay, from idyllic country walks, dog agility course, dedicated dog dining menus, onsite grooming and dog sitting services. 

Hill's Pet Nutrition and Wisdom Panel join us to promote the health and happiness of dogs through innovative nutritional solutions and genetic insights into a dog's breed composition and health traits. 

CEO of Touchpoint Live Media, Nicole Cooper, said: 

"DogFest's decade-long success stands as a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their furry companions. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're thrilled to showcase an esteemed lineup of sponsors who share our passion for enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. We couldn't have made it to 10 years without the continued support of such a wide variety of brands, and we thank all our sponsors for their involvement." 

To partner with DogFest, get in touch with the team today – full details can be found at www.dogfest.co.uk 

DotDotPet launches new range of shampoos at Crufts

A new eco conscious wellness and lifestyle brand, DotDotPet  is set to launch its new range of shampoos for dogs at Crufts 7-10 March at the NEC, Hall 5 Stand 109.

This innovative range of pet shampoos has been developed by a team of experts from the fragrance and cosmetic industries and designed to be kind to pets. Each formula features a pet preferred scent to help reduce bath time zoomies and anxiety plus a prebio to promote a healthy skin and coat. The formulation is vegan containing no nasties making it kind to sensitive skin. The shampoos provide deep cleansing and easy rinsing for a calmer bath time. The shampoos are available in an innovative easy to use no drip bottle.

The shampoos in the range are designed to suit different life stages and types of coat. The formulas include:

Curly Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo DotDotDog

A deep cleansing curly coat conditioning dog shampoo specifically formulated for dogs with curly coats, containing vegan biotin and olive oil for soft bouncy curls.

Long Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo DotDotDog

A long coat conditioning dog shampoo specifically formulated for dogs with longer coats, containing coconut and babassu for a silky, glossy shine

Double Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo DotDotDog

A double coat conditioning dog shampoo specifically formulated for dogs with double coats, containing green tea & jojoba for de-shedding, cleansing and hydrating.


Short Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo DotDotDog

A short coat conditioning dog shampoo specifically formulated for dogs with short coats; containing centella asiatica and shea for a smooth soft finish

Puppy Conditioning Shampoo DotDotDog

A puppy conditioning shampoo specifically formulated for puppies of all breeds containing Aloe and Oatmeal to protect sensitive skin.

The RRP for each shampoo is £13.99

If you are interested in becoming a stockist then visit www.dotdotpet.com 

Xparkles, a designer pet accessory company wins a European Design Award

A brand new Lincolnshire-based designer pet accessory company that specialises in the manufacture of high-end collars for dogs  has won a prestigious European Product Design Award.

The European Product Design Award™ was created by the Farmani Group to recognise the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. They reward the strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making a great product. Xparkles was the winner in PETS/Pet Supplies: Collars and leashes category. Xparkles also won the Muse Design Award in 2023.

Made from the finest French nappa leather, customers are able to change the look and mood of their pets’ collars by incorporating interchangeable charms made from pure silver (so that they don’t rust), with others which are encrusted with rhinestones. This new concept in pet collars which is patented by Xparkles in the UK and USA brings a uniqueness to the pet accessory market with the collars exceeding the manufacturing standards of many produced by high-end designer fashion houses. They are fashionable, stylish but more importantly, affordable! They also give your dog that touch of glitz and glamour which every four-legged friend deserves.

There are three types of charms to choose from, thread through, push through and screw based. Each leather collar is finished with hand-waxed and double stitched edges.  The buckles are made from stainless steel and lab test shows they can sustain 72kg of pull.   This makes every collar extremely durable with the soft leather making them very comfortable to wear.

Xparkles is the inspiration of founder and successful entrepreneur, Erika Yao and her partner Andrew Blach . As pet parents who liked to dress their bichon frise poodle cross in stylish pet accessories, they failed to find a designer decorative collar that would stand up to daily wear and tear and was also comfortable for their dog at the same time. Sensing a gap in the market, they created Xparkles.

Erika says,

“The use of interchangeable charms has been extremely successful in the human jewellery market and we wanted to create something that would provide a similar gift buying opportunity for pet parents. They are perfect for any fashion conscious dog owner as the look can be changed by switching the charms over to suit an outfit or mood.”

The Xparkles collars meet several quality standards already. Their designer holds a Jewellery design degree from UAL.  Their ISO9001 certified production partners also have in- house designers to help final check the products. Best of all the collars are made in Britain a country synonymous with the manufacture of high-end quality leather goods.

Xparkles are looking to stock pet boutiques that are interested in developing a long term partnership, and pet groomers who are looking for a new revenue stream.

The collars are available in a range of sizes and widths to suit different breeds and there is a good selection of different charms and accessories to add to the collars including leather bows.

RRP Collars start from £40 upwards, Charms start from £15 each and the leather bows £17.

For further information please visit:


Girbau UK Launches Under Counter Washer and Dryer Models

Well known for its robust commercial and industrial laundry equipment, Girbau UK has launched its first professional grade Under Counter washers and dryers that fit underneath standard 900mm height counters. Both machines combine energy efficiency, ease of use and compact size with high quality, durable construction making them ideal for a wide range of applications including veterinary and animal care.

The new Under Counter washer’s strong stainless steel Active Drum™ design has hourglass lifters that guide loads to gentler central areas for better load balance and reduced wear on delicate items. A 180-degree opening door makes the machine easier to load and unload from a basket. It is available with a choice of 6kg or 8kg capacity with either a pump or gravity drain.

Quiet long-life operation is assured thanks to the washer’s sturdy Quattro™ construction with durable shock absorbers that allow virtually vibration-free high-speed spinning. Rather than cheap concrete counterweights, the washer features cast iron stabilisers for higher spin speeds, better water extraction and increased spin efficiency.

The washer features an easy-to-use liquid crystal display user interface. It features 28 flexible programs, three of which are customisable, as well as disinfection, mop, microfibre and allergy settings. It also comes with in-built service diagnostics. The delayed start function can be used to plan ahead and set machines to run off-peak to optimise use of cheaper energy tariffs.

The new Under Counter dryer can also be stacked on top of the washer to save floor space. The 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and the 8kg capacity model is vented. The Sensi Dry system automatically determines the right drying time, saving energy and assuring fabric care. Its convenient auto programs save energy as the running time is automatically adjusted according to load size and the required dryness.

Butterfly drying ™ tumbling in a figure of eight movement, non-stop in one direction stops clothes from bundling and ensures long life durability of the motor and belt. The efficient lint filter has an automatic indicator to remind users to clean it for optimum energy efficiency and safety.

The dryer’s memory function remembers the last program used including any chosen settings, so if nothing needs to change, you can simply press start for the next load.

The new Girbau under counter washer and dryer are now available to order from Girbau UK.



As we all know, the fad of designer breeds is in no way going to decrease. And as more and more people bring home a dog that is not purebred, the issue with skin disorders will not go away.

Skin disorders are a major challenge for everyday groomers. The most common issues reported by veterinarians include folliculitis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis and sebaceous adenitis. These skin conditions can contribute to poor coat health, irritation, and hair loss. It is important to note that although these are skin conditions, they will affect the entire body including the coat, ears, and feet.

But as a groomer, how do you recognise a skin disorder, and best of all how do you work with the owner to achieve a better life for the dog?

Groomers carry a great deal of responsibility for their clients' pets. It is important to understand that skin is the pet's largest organ, so what you use and how you use it can either prevent or cause dry skin. An imbalance in the skin--what we refer to as 'atopy'--can cause itchy skin and excessive oil production. So, it's very important to get yourself familiarized with shampoo ingredients, and atopic disorders that cause skin disorders, because every product you put on a pet should be able to give something back to the skin that helps normalise the barrier.

With so much information and products readily available to you as a groomer, it is important that you research the information and the right products carefully.

The New iPET Network Level 3 Award in Promotion of Canine Skin, Hair and Nail Health has been developed with the pet professional in mind. It provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the tools, methods and techniques used to keep the skin, hair, and nails of dogs in optimum condition. This course will enable you to gain an understanding of the importance of canine skin care; learn how to assess a dog's body condition; understand pain in dogs (and its causes); be able to recognise abnormal/disorders skin lesions; understand disease processes affecting the skin, hair, and nails; and more.

Paula Bryan, Managing Director of Clipit Grooming is delivering this online course to enable candidates to develop knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of canine hair and skin, to discuss and recognise to know when to recommend a client seeks veterinary advice, and to provide advice to owners on grooming, maintaining coat quality and condition.

This online course is available via Clipit Grooming and can be found by using this link https://www.clipit-grooming.com/product-page/ipet-level-3-award-canine-skin-and-hair 


The team behind Be:Loved, Carina, Nick and Andrew, give us a rundown of what they can offer you!

We are always working hard to create new natural products to benefit you and your pet’s day-to-day lifestyles.

We won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise building an international pet care business, and Carina has been a leader in the industry for over 16 years. Carina loves horse riding, and her young family keep horses, dogs and chickens. She and her business partners are from farming families in Dorset, Wales and Australia.

We have inherited not only a love of animals, but a healthy respect and practical care for working animals and domesticated pets that pet parents truly appreciate.

The Be:Loved Tale

The inspiration for Be:Loved was an old family heirloom: a farmhouse animal husbandry care book.

Carina’s family used to create cures for their stock using nothing but the hedgerows and nature’s harvest.

They compiled a treasure chest of recipes from soaps and shampoos to help farmers clean grubby hands and paws, to moisturising balms for callouses - and absolutely everything was natural.

We used and reimagined these recipes for our four-legged friends and have an effective and luxurious range of products to help care for and delight pets and pet parents alike.

Together you’re two-of-a-kind. Show that you care with all-natural, handmade products that help pets to be clean, protected and best of all, be pampered.

The current Be:Loved range consists of the Be:Set, Be:Calm, Be:Clean, Be:Bugfree, Be:Vegan, Be:Silky, Be:Pure and Be:Fresh.

There is also a range of balms, Be:Soft, Be:Safe, Be:SunSafe.

Our range of balms has individual benefits for pets and parents alike. Sun cream with a protection factor safe for pets, first aid that helps heal cracked, broken skin and soothing balms to gently prevent and cure rough or damaged skin. All hand-poured with natural ingredients that start to work straight away.

To find out more, get in touch by dialing +44 (0)1628 822247, e-mailing hello@premiumpetproducts.com and visiting @belovedpetz on Instagram.

Take A Load Off

A safe space to pop your feet up, offload, and have a chat.

Lister have teamed up with parent company Wahl to create a pop-up barbershop at The Royal
Highland Show to help raise awareness around mental health in agriculture.
Take a load off. A safe space to pop your feet up, offload, and have a chat. Mental health in the
agricultural industry is something that doesn’t get talked about enough. With 92% of UK farmers
under the age of 40 ranking their mental health as being poor, it is a hidden problem that we need to
talk about.
The pop-up barbershop will be open from Friday the 23
rd to Sunday the 25th near the Shearing
Pavilion at The Royal Highland Show. Providing visitors with the opportunity to get a fresh hair cut by
a professional barber, the campaign will be raising money for The DPJ Foundation and the RSABI,
both mental health charities within the agricultural industry.

Attracting over 190,000 visitors each year, this year’s Royal Highland Show will be hosting the
Shearing World Championships, seeing shearers and enthusiasts travelling from all around the world
to support the competition. Creating this safe space at the event is crucial for those who may want to
take a moment to relax and just chat in a safe space.
Martin Booth, Head of Sales and Commercial at Lister, said, "Partnering up with Wahl and offering a
service, such as barbering, that can sometimes be difficult to arrange when travelling and working
long hours is an important step in our mission to supporting mental health within agriculture. It is
vital to raise awareness on this issue the industry is facing and ensure individuals who work in the
rural community get access to the support and resources available.”
Lloyd Rees, shearer and Lister ambassador, said, “Many people working in farming and agriculture
often feel isolated and distanced from the wider communities. This can have a big impact on their
mental health, and without the proper resources and support to hand, can often spiral into
something bigger”.
Kate Miles, Charity Manager of the DPJ Foundation, said, “We are really pleased and grateful that
Lister have taken the lead with the Take a Load Off initiative to provide an opportunity to promote
good mental health in agriculture, the power of taking time and talking. The eyes of the shearing
world will be on the Golden Shears so it’s a brilliant chance to raise awareness.”

G4S Cash360™: Intelligent cash technology for your business

Managing a business means juggling many things at once, and managing your cash is no different. Typically, this takes time, money and energy. Cash360is a technology-led, managed cash solution that addresses these challenges.
Save time and money whilst doing your bit for the planet
Cash360means significant benefits for your business, customers and others:

Money saving: Once your money is inserted into a smart safe, it’s validated, counted, ready for reconciliation and won’t be touched again until it’s collected by a security-vetted driver.                                                             

Improve control: Your cash is visible to you 24/7 via a self-service portal, and as it’s indemnified by the world’s leading security company G4S, you can have peace-of-mind that it’s always secure.

Reduce Waste: The smart safe knows how much cash it’s holding and schedules collections only when needed which reduces the vehicle emissions and one-time plastic associated with banking your cash. 

Your business, customers…and your accountants will be delighted with the results.

Commerce continues to change
Retail is constantly changing. Consumer expectations and behaviour are shaped by so many variables, ranging from social media, emphasis on healthy eating, to the increasing cost of everyday items.

In terms of money, retailers are in the front line of change, having to respond to the increased use of contactless payments via a myriad of devices and schemes, continuous security threats at point-of-sale and, most recently, a resurgence in cash usage in response to the cost of living crisis.

It is clear that retailers need to constantly review and adapt their approach to cash and payments management, from front to middle and back office. While cash usage has decreased, it’s not going away anytime soon and is forecasted to be the second most frequently used payment method in the UK for the foreseeable future.

G4S Intelligent cash management, collections and processing
In an age of constant change in the world of commerce, G4S is the only company that provides a full end-to-end cash and payments management solution. With security at the core of its purpose, Cash360provides business owners and managers with the means to save time and money in cash management.

Cash360is the secure and integrated cash management solution from G4S. If your business accepts cash, you are likely spending a lot of extra money throughout the year on managing it. Cash360reduces these costs and gives time back to the business, while improving security and cashflow.

The Cash360service involves the installation of an internet enabled smart safe connected to the G4S data platform. As cash is inserted at point-of-sale or in the back office, it’s validated and you have real-time visibility through your own self-service portal.
Plus, subject to your Bank’s approval, the cash can be credited to your bank account on the same day, while the money is still on site.

When the safe hits a predetermined limit, G4S automatically collects the money, so you don’t have to plan for or worry about having to cancel unwanted collections.

As the cash is not handled once in the safe, it eliminates errors and potential losses. As the reconciled cash is recorded accurately, your accounts are always correct and fully up to date.

The combination of intelligent cash management, collections and cash processing delivers an optimum solution for your business.

Let cash work for you with Cash360- visit www.g4s.com, and search ‘Cash360’.